Windows 10 Spreads to Over 75 Million Devices in Less Than a Month

Microsoft said Wednesday that Windows 10 has spread to more than 75 million devices since the new operating system was released less than a month ago. The US software colossus is intent on seeing the new-generation operating system aimed at computers, mobile and other devices running on a billion gadgets. Windows 10 is powering more than 90,000 different computer and ... Read More »

S&P warns on parliament gridlock

  Australia’s AAA credit rating remains under threat from continued parliamentary gridlock, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has warned, despite maintaining the rating with a stable outlook. S&P today affirmed the credit rating, noting the country’s wealthy, resilient economy, strong institutional settings and monetary and fiscal policy flexibility, but said that it could lower the ratings if Australia’s budgetary performance did not improve broadly as it currently ... Read More »

N.C. Senate hears support from both sides for new gun rules

RALEIGH (AP) — A North Carolina gun-control bill that prompted testy exchanges and a back-and-forth of amendments in the House is moving through the Senate with support from supporters on both sides of the issue. A committee agreed Thursday to send the bill to the full Senate after hearing from representatives of the National Rifle Association and gun-control groups who ... Read More »

Laws passed, Greece to open bailout talks as recession pushes goals further

Greece’s creditors prepared on Thursday for the start of bailout talks in Athens, after lawmakers adopted a second package of reform measures before dawn despite a left wing rebellion that may bring early elections. In a sign of how the goal of coming to grips with the country’s debt is swiftly sliding even further away, Greece’s most influential think tank ... Read More »

Wild night at Eldora Speedway

The truck race Wednesday night at the Eldora Speedway dirt track might’ve been the best NASCAR event of the entire season. But it also demonstrated why such a race will likely never be part of the Sprint Cup schedule. The race was dominated by a couple of youngsters who grew up on dirt, Christopher Bell and Bobby Pierce. Bell won ... Read More »

Splendor App Review: From the Table to the Pocket Computer

Splendor is one of the best and most popular new Eurogames released in the last two years, a highly accessible game whose elegant rules mask layers of complexity in ways to play and win (or lose). It was a natural for an adaptation as an app for tablets, but the designers ofSplendor did something particularly sharp: They partnered with Days ... Read More »

Stopped in its tracks

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles reinforced Thursday what Greensboro residents and city leaders have said for months. The changes forced on their City Council by the state legislature had no rational basis. But Greensboro residents and city leaders had no power to stop it. Eagles did. She heard arguments in court Thursday morning and, several hours later, granted an injunction ... Read More »

Microsoft launches WhatsApp-style messaging app

Microsoft is launching a new email app, after admitting that its current Outlook email app is too slow. The firm is developing the WhatsApp-style app through Microsoft Garage, built specifically for ‘brief, snappy communications’. The app, dubbed ‘Send’, is currently available for iPhones in the US and Canada, and will also soon come to Windows Phone and Android. The firm ... Read More »

Morristown police getting new SUV, computer

MORRISTOWN — The Morristown Police Department will get a new SUV to replace a car after the Morristown Town Council approved the purchase Wednesday night. “By the time you get it on the road, you’re probably close to $40,000,” Clerk Treasurer Don Roberts said. The 2-wheel drive SUV will be purchased through a state bid with Kelley Chevrolet in Fort ... Read More »


  BY MITCH GENTRY AND ALAINA YEEAre you ready for the next iteration of Windows? If you’re planning to update your system as soon as Windows 10 launches next Wednesday, you’ve got some work to do. It doesn’t matter if you intend to do an upgrade instead of a clean install—you’ll still want to ensure a smooth transition. We’ve outlined ... Read More »