It’s not just first time buyers who need help in today’s housing market

    The widely-held policy goal of 250,000 new homes annually is, sadly, a political chimera. There is neither the political will nor the productive and planning capacity to build 100,000 additional homes, or anything like it – our top 10 housebuilders plan to build around 80,000 units a year for the next five years. But we can still be ... Read More »

TODAY’S DEALS: Capital One Multifamily Finance Provides $20.5M Acquisition Loan

    Capital One Multifamily Finance announced that it has provided a $20.5 million Fannie Mae fixed-rate loan for the acquisition of The Manor Homes of Arborwalk, a 280-unit Class A apartment community in Lee’s Summit, Mo., part of the Kansas City MSA. The borrower, a subsidiary of Milestone Apartments Real Estate Investment Trust, owns and manages a portfolio of ... Read More »

College athletics finance report: Non-Power 5 schools face huge money pressure

    The rich are different from you and me, F. Scott Fitzgerald once observed, to which Ernest Hemingway famously added: Yes, they have more money. The so-called Power Five conferences are different from the American Athletic andMountain West conferences. They have lots more money. Wood Selig knows all about that. He is athletics director at Old Dominion University, a ... Read More »

This is the most important job skill today

    Good for you if you can code Java, negotiate in Mandarin, decode a complex balance sheet or construct a global supply chain. As valuable as those skills may be, however, there’s one that may be even more important these days: Agility. “Someone who’s moved around and been able to be successful quickly, that is going to be the ... Read More »