Mystery Recycler of Rare Apple 1 Computer Has $100,000 Cheque Awaiting Her

      A $100,000 (roughly Rs. 63 lakhs) cheque is waiting for a mystery woman who donated a rare Apple 1 computer to a Silicon Valley recycling firm. CleanBayArea in Milpitas, California, is trying to track down a woman in her 60s who dropped off some electronic goods in April, when she was cleaning out the garage after her ... Read More »

Windows 10 Release Date, Pricing Tipped by Online Retailer

Microsoft previously announced that it is “on track” for a summer release of Windows 10 for PCs, followed by versions for mobiles and tablets. The company however is yet to reveal an exact release date for Windows 10.Now, an online reseller has publicised the release date of two Windows 10 editions for OEMs alongside their pricing. So far, there has ... Read More »

Scientists Create ‘Talking’ Neurons

        Scientists have perfected mini-cultured 3D structures that grow and function much like the outer tissue (cortex) of the brain of the person from whom they were harvested. Strikingly, these “organoids” buzz with neuronal network activity where cells talk with each other in circuits much as they do in our brains. This evolving “disease-in-a-dish” technology is bringing ... Read More »

New Technology Drives Visitors to Binghamton

    Some of the most innovative and state of the art vehicles have made their way to Binghamton for the annual, “Technology That Drives Us Show.” Solar powered cars, electric motorcycles and battery powered trucks were among some of the vehicles displayed to the public. Car lovers say their work is a valuable experience not only for themselves but ... Read More »

The future in 3D printing: New innovations harness older technology

    Remember when the Jetsons wanted to eat? All they had to do was select a menu, push a few buttons on the machine and their meals would magically appear. Well, the future is here through the magic of 3D printing. Producing piping hot pizza, fish and chips, and even heart-shaped chocolates is one of the more novel approaches ... Read More »

Molecular scanners, self-drive cars, virtual reality headsets and the other technology that will transform your life

      Consumers will soon get their hands on gadgets and gizmos that were beyond the realms of science fiction just a few decades ago. We will have handheld molecular scanners — a fraction of the size of Mr Spock’s fictional tricorder — that tell you how many calories or how much sugar is in your food, talking appliances ... Read More »

The Top Ten: Terrible technology predictions

    When the journalist and jazz critic Clive Davis wrote about a 1985 article in ‘The New York Times’ explaining why the laptop computer would never catch on (‘It would be much simpler to take home a few floppy disks tucked into an attaché case’), Rory Graham suggested compiling a Top 10. After some of my predictions for the ... Read More »

Use Capital Goods Scheme to bridge technology gaps

  The industry should come forward and make use of the Capital Goods Scheme to bridge the technology gaps and acquire technologies, said Anant Geete, minister for heavy industries & public enterprises, at a workshop on ‘Technology development for capital goods: Constraints & the way forward’ in Ahmedabad. Valued at Rs 1000 crore, the scheme – notified by Department of ... Read More »

Conference in Pittsburgh to highlight technology for improving traffic, safety

The digital display mounted over Interstate 376, four miles before the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, warns drivers in bright-orange letters how long they will wait in traffic. On this afternoon, it takes four minutes. But if there is congestion or a crash ahead, technicians at the Western Regional Traffic Management Center in Bridgeville can instantly update the system, warning drivers if ... Read More »

Davidson County schools compete in technology competition

  Eight schools from Davidson County competed in the Western North Carolina Robotics Championship on Saturday in Lenoir. The students are park of the Cyberkids Robotics program that helps them improve science, technology and engineering skills. The teams have been working since last summer to design and build their own robots using special Legos. This year’s project focused on the ... Read More »