10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Electricity Bills

Saddening to learn that the resource we require the prime, is not as cheap as we assume it to be. The thing being mentioned about is ‘electricity’ – one resource which is vanished for a day, would result in a loss of millions. And due to our lackadaisical behaviors and manners, this necessary resource is being depleted every single day, in terms of volumes. Hence, for the sake of it or at least for your sake of not spending tons on electricity, here we have come up with 10 such tips that would save upon your electricity bills. And hold on, just in case if you are looking to save on electricity bills, recharges and bill payments, don’t forget to use Paytm recharge offers.


CFL a manner to save

Its high time for these commercialized sectors, as well as homes which consume lots of electricity, thereby boosting a lengthy bill towards that of the customers, to switch onto CFL bulbs. These bulbs have a feature of saving about 70% of the light which would needlessly be consumed by those routine bulbs into picture and lasts about 8-10 times longer in case of hours. This would eventually save on your pockets.

Do not overdose

Air conditioners and coolers are a mild way to sooth the body through cool winds, but if these machines are used under the heat of direct sunlight, mechanically, they would result no bug, but would consume around 10 times greater electricity when compared to be kept inside a cooler area.

Remember to switch off

The most elementary issue with rising electricity bills is due to the recklessness of not switching off the lights or buttons of machines when they aren’t for further usage. Many a times, people do the unfinished and leave homes while their TVs or bulbs are still on, this would cling onto rapid money outflow.

Change the furnace filters

Barge this in mind, furnace filters are used for greater efficiency and also a prolonged period of time if changed after every couple of months or so. If not changed for a perpetual time, it would consume more electricity.

Save on generators

The ruckus occurs especially during peak winter seasons when the water is frozen and cold to use. Switching on the generators or the electric water heaters for prolonged time or for a stretch of 8-10 hours at length would only increase onto bills and not charge greater alteration towards the heating process.

Purchase a tiny refrigerator

If the family isn’t that huge enough to coil in immense stuff for hogging on, individual/nuclear families could use a smaller refrigerator at home because these machines consume lots of energy and indeed, they would consume the same amount even when small lots are kept for cooling, hence, buy small to save big. Well, if you are thinking of buying an all new tiny refrigerator at the best price, don’t forget to check for an amazing discount at GrabOn.

Go energy efficient

Whenever a machine is brought at home, always check whether that good is energy efficient and does it contain an ‘energy star’ symbol to it.

Correct oven usage

Never pre-heat the oven before the food is about to introduce. Pre-heating an oven would needlessly destroy the energy consumed and would add up to your electricity bills for no reason.

‘Sleep’ the PC

This particular pointer leads to the PC’s or laptops which you are using now to go through this article. When the article is half read or any work which could cause the PC to be left aside burning the energy, it can be restored by pressing on to the ‘sleep’ button which saves energy.


The last pointer for every family to save more on wallets is to audit. Check on the previous bills you’ve already paid for and the current ones, you would know on exactly how much amount of cash is being saved or spent and the analysis behind the same.