13 ways to Build and Market your Brand on Instagram

Instagram has been out there for a few years now and it is proving to be a big networking and socializing platform. You probably use Instagram to only reach your friend and family as well as strangers. But did you know that Instagram could be what your business needs? The business size doesn’t actually matter.

Marketers all over the world are looking for new ways to reach a bigger clientele base and sell more. Instagram might be your best. All you need to do is sign up for an Instagram account (you can use the name that you use as your twitter handle and on Facebook) and a photo; your business logo. A link to the business website on the bio is crucial. Once you are set up, you’ll need to connect with your Facebook friends and acquaintances. Once you get here, you’ll be halfway through.

How to get your brand known

Instagram knows that many of its users are rookies; especially in business. This is why they have a blog, Instagram for Business, which gets updated quite frequently. Therefore, if you are one of the not-so-well acquainted users, you can look that up. You’ll find that Instagram is not only cool but also very easy to use.

  1. Maintain a balance of fun photos and business content

All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy! This is true for Instagram. For your business to be recognized, you’ll need to have a blend of fun pics and business-oriented content like ones of your shoppers. With your business name and logo in the photos, your chances of getting more likes and comments that may be converted to sales increase.

  1. Increase your following

Your Facebook and Twitter followers will prove to be the best asset you will ever have. Inviting them to visit your business’s Instagram page will increase sales eventually. Photos speak louder than words.

  1. Short Videos

Posting short videos taken during sales or product promotion events will boost your business and create a higher awareness. Instagram prides itself in providing better short video options with filters, mapping and stabilization features absent in twitter’s Vine. Vine offers 6.5 seconds videos while Videos on Instagram run for 15 seconds. Therefore, when putting your business out there, you must consider posting short videos. Your videos must have catchy and content. Make them funny too.

  1. Instagram videos on your blog

Your Instagram videos can be embedded to your blog therefore increasing visibility.

  1. Always follow-back

This has been said many times and you know it. Follow back your followers, comment and like (double-tap) their photos. Customers, both potential and existing, appreciate feedback. Creating a network of like-minded individuals is important. While many businesses would rather use Instagram bots to cut down their cost; it’s not a business friendly tool. A machine can’t decipher a user’s feelings and give it the best feedback it deserves. You might lose business as a result. A human touch such as a reply thus goes a big way.

  1. Use Apps

The power of photo sharing apps is outstanding. They’ll let your users print photos and search keywords and tags. These apps will provide the boost needed to advance your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Filtered Photos

Use both filtered and un-filtered photos. Instagram comes with many photo filtering features.

  1. Have a different perspective

Presenting your business ideas in a different tone and light is able to reach a larger market compared to being bland. Painting normal situations or products differently evokes interest in users.

  1. Photo sharing competitions

Hashtags can be created where you encourage users to post photos of themselves using your product or promoting your mantra. This will increase your business’s popularity increasing your likes and sales.

  1. Optimize Trends

These have been used by many companies and have proved very successful in boosting business sales. This not only shows that you are a trendy business, but that you sell good products/ services.

  1. Quality Content

Customers are always looking for the next big thing. The content has to be good on screen and should clearly represent the actual product. Consistency is imperative.

  1. Don’t forget Facebook

Maximum benefit is attained with the use of these two social media platforms. You can share your Instagram photos and videos on Facebook, consequently boosting the market reached.

  1. Give Rewards

Your followers represent a huge part of your business’ successes or failures. Through them you learn many things and make money. Always reward your followers in fair manner. For example asking simple questions about your brand and rewarding the first 50/ 100 correct answers.

In search for better ways to make business, always keep in mind the simple and common platform which is one-click away.

Author Bio

Mary Mitchel is an internationally renowned Brand ambassador. She is behind most big names in the corporate world and has been an activist against use of the Instagram bot for business marketing and branding strategy. Watch the video on TED Talks to get more information about your business’s social marketing strategies.