3 Ways To Level-Up Using YouTube

YouTube has more to offer than funny cat videos and music. People looking to improve a skill or learn a new one can harness YouTube’s platform to grow their minds. From social graces to car wash repair services videos, different YouTube channels can teach viewers a wide range of topics. Here are three ways to level up your life using this popular video streaming site.

1. Learn to be more charismatic

Who doesn’t want to be more charming and confident? Some people won’t admit it, but most people want to be liked by others. This may come naturally to some individuals, but charisma, like any skill, can be learned.

Charisma on Command teaches viewers how to be funnier and more likable in daily interactions with people. Each video explores a character trait or person in depth, so you can adopt (or avoid) the same mannerisms.

2. Become a better cook

Food lovers can develop their cooking skills by watching videos on YouTube to improve their baking, dicing, sautéing abilities. Eventually, you might impress friends and family with your newfound culinary finesse.

Whether you can make a bouillabaisse or struggle with cooking eggs, Bon Appetit teaches viewers of all skills levels how to navigate around a kitchen. The channel features content teaching the audience techniques like how to dice an avocado or flame an orange peel for a cocktail.

3. Practice calming, strength-building yoga

Countless studies tout yoga’s ability to calm the mind and strengthen the body. People intimidated by a group class or unable to afford them can practice at home with various YouTube teachers.

Many of them, Yoga with Adrienne, are licensed yoga instructors and deliver content for all yogini levels.

Using YouTube for more than humorous distractions open ups a world for unlimited expansion. Subscribe to a channel and start growing your mind.