4 Bike Trips Around Jaipur Under Rs 5000

Jaipur is a tourist destination itself and why not. The Pink City has so much to offer to the tourists. However, Rajasthan is one of those states of India where every few kilometres offer something grand and strikingly different to the tourists. This is a bonanza for the bikers who want to find all the local attractions and taste the local culture.

In this article, we have carefully selected four such destinations which can be easily reached on bike from Jaipur. Assuming you start the journey from Jaipur, here are the destinations

  1. Agra

Agra is known for, Taj Mahal, doh. The good thing is, Agra is not far from Jaipur and you can easily move to Agra on a bike. The home of the greatest symbol of love on earth, Agra is the ideal destination for every couple, every history buff, every proud Indian and basically, every citizen of the world. “Ek shaenshah ne banwake haseen Taj Mahal, saari duniya ko muhabbat ki nishani di hai” is what the poet said. (The emperor built the beautiful Taj Mahal, and bestowed the world with the greatest symbol of love- translation errors completely mine)

Agra is not only about Taj Mahal though, there are no less than 3 UNESCO world heritage sites here. You must check out two other heritage and protected sites, namely, the Fatehpur Sikri and the Agra Fort.

Driving Direction: Agra is 265 km from Jaipur and you should take the NH11 which is in excellent condition. It should not take you more than 4.30 hours to reach there.

Accommodation: Being a world-renowned tourist spot, you can find accommodation for every, I repeat, every budget. A decent hotel should not cost you more than 1200-1500 per night.

  1. Udaipur

This trip will be remembered for two reasons, along with the destination city, the city of lakes, the dhabas on the highway and the road which is probably the best in the country. As we are talking about biking trips, the pleasure of driving on this road will be the best experience you get on this trip.

The destination will not disappoint you either, you can see what Rajasthan is famous for, the forts and palaces including Lake Palace, City Palace, Sajjangarh Palace and more. But when you are in the city of lakes, can you miss Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola lake or even Kumbhalgarh? Then there is the classic car museum which used to be the private collection of the ruling princes’.

Driving Direction: You can take NH79 which is the best connexion between these two cities and is in pristine condition. The distance is slightly greater at 420 km which means your bike should reach there within seven hours of driving. Alternatively, you can take NH12 or even NH8 but the traffic and the road conditions are the major deterrents.

Accommodation: Udaipur is a popular tourist destination but the hotels tend to be on the costlier side. You can expect decent accommodation for Rs 2000 per night but some discounts can be grabbed during the summer.

  1. Ranthambore

Welcome to the Jungle Book territory. If the date with the Tigers is not enough reason, the Jaipur-Kota road offers enough for the shutter-bugs, which is the road I suggest you take. The fresh air, the jungle safari, the endless number of stars in the clear night sky, the distant roar of the king of the jungle, all are there, awaiting your arrival. Ranthambore also offers the true glimpse of the rich heritage and culture of the colourful state of Rajasthan.

During your jungle safari, try to spot tiger, leopard, languor monkeys, jackal, crocodile, blue bull, sambhar deer, Indian gazelle and birds like peacock, owl, eagle, kingfisher, crane, lapwing, partridge, cormorant, heron, drongo, woodpecker, flycatcher, parakeet, babbler, treepie and others.

Driving Direction: Jaipur to Ranthambore is 180 km and you can reach in 3 hours which doesn’t require a break. Take the Jaipur-Kota road which leads you through breath-taking scenario.

Accommodation: Being a popular tourist destination, crowded with foreigners, the cost of hotels tends to be on the northern side. However, you can stay within your budget and enjoy the activities here.

  1. Mount Abu

Mount Abu is different from the HOT, HOT and HOT weather of Rajasthan and thankfully, the road leading to this destination is equally pleasurable for the riders. The peaks of Aravalli can be seen from far and you will be driving towards those peaks.

Mount Abu has a few too many things to offer you, once you reach there. On the spiritual side, you have Shri Raghunathji Temple, Dilwara Jain Temples and Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University. On the romantic side, you can enjoy the awesome scene of sun setting amongst the Aravalli peaks which you can check out from the sunset point. Mount Abu has often been called the traveller’s paradise, which I agree to, somewhat.

Driving Direction: Mount Abu is the farthest destination on this list and its 500 km from Jaipur. Expect no less than 9 hours of driving to reach Mount Abu which means you need multiple refreshing breaks.

Accommodation: There are some hotels here and you can find budget hotels easily with per night charges starting from as low as Rs 1,000-1,200.

Now, a word of caution. biking is an adventure sport and like any other adventure, you should be properly secured against anything which might go wrong. You should also have your ride insured and it’s not too complicated or lengthy process to buy a two-wheeler insurance in India. Frankly speaking, with the advent of online bike insurance in India, not buying a bike insurance is a crime. You can compare policies online, get call back for better understanding, pay online and go completely paperless and instantly get the policy active and valid on your bike. So please, don’t find any excuse not to do this.

OK, no more gyaan, let the fun begin. Do the servicing and refill the tank, it’s time to hit the road amigo!

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