5 Statements That Have A Different Meaning for Rummy Players

Most Indians enjoy Indian rummy card games. These games are easy to understand and the rules governing the game are simple. That is the reason why this game is so popular. A rummy card game lover has a different perspective about many things in life compared to a regular person. Here we have listed out a few statements that may have different meanings to the common man and to ardent rummy fans. Read along and have fun understanding the puns:

‘You Are A Joker’

In India, people enjoy making fun of others. Most people use words like joker, comedian or fool to address people who are dressed awkwardly. The statement, ‘You are a joker’ may sound quite insulting to most people who hear it. However, the situation will be quite different if you are addressing a rummy player. This is because the meaning of joker to a rummy player is different from the meaning of the joker to common people.

‘You Will Lose All Points’

An ordinary person will be disappointed if you tell him that he is going to lose all points. Avid rummy players have a different psychology. They understand the points differently because having more points in rummy card games is not really helpful. The attempt of players is to lose as many points as possible so that they win the game. That is why a rummy player will be happy to hear you say that you will lose all the points. He will take such a statement sportingly and assume you are his well-wisher.

‘I Have All the Kings’

The ironic part about Indian rummy is that the rules governing this game are different from other card games. Unlike card games that give importance to high value cards, this game treats high value cards as a burden. That is why, unlike other games where you can boast that you have all the kings, in rummy you may sound like you are grumbling. Common people may appreciate that you have all the kings but a rummy player will certainly sympathise with you and say you need to play anyway.

‘Organise Your Life First’

In real life, when someone says this to you, it may mean that you need to focus on priorities like career, work, and other responsibilities life has to offer. It means that you need to take life more seriously. This is a statement most youngsters get to hear during their adolescence or youth.

The statement means a very different thing to a rummy player. In rummy, a hand is counted as a full hand till a person completes his life. The life could be different for 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy game and 21 cards rummy game. Basically, it is the minimum number of sequences required for your hand to not be counted as a full hand. So, if you tell a rummy player to first organise your life, he will start working on completing the pure and real sequences.

‘Is That Your First Drop?’

In a nation like India where there is no dearth of engineers, the meaning of the above statement may easily be referring to failures in academics. However, when you speak to a rummy player who plays rummy frequently on Khelplay Rummy, the meaning can be quite different. When you are distributed a hand that lacks any scope of winning, you may quit the game at the very beginning. This maybe referred to as passing the turn in general rummy circles. However, Khelplay Rummy has devised a new term ‘First Drop’ which implies passing the turn at the very beginning of the game. Minimum points are charged when you pass your turn at the very beginning of the game. The same term when used in front of an engineering student may imply that this is the first time, he has failed in the engineering exams. It implies he has lost a year and needs to work harder.

Yes, the fraternity of rummy players use a very different language as compared to the commoners. You need to evolve to reach their level and enjoy these terms in a different light.