7 Important Facts to Know While Preparing for JEE Main

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JEE Main, the exam that is taken by the students who want to be an engineer. Based on the results of this exam IITs and NITs give admission to the candidates. The exam is conducted by NTA or National Testing Agency.

Preparing for the exam is crucial. However, knowing the important facts about the exam definitely help the aspirants to score a good result and to get their facts clear. Here are 7 important facts that every JEE Main aspirants should know –

Fact No. 1                                                                                                    

JEE Main will be held online or offline – From 2019, JEE Main will be a completely online exam. The drawing portion of JEE Main paper II will be held in pen and paper mode. The exam will be held twice a year and you can also give mock tests from the next year in various online test centres.

Fact No. 2

Numbers of Papers in the exam – There are two papers in the exam – Paper I and Paper II. In Paper I, there will be 30 objective questions from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. In Paper II, there will be 30 questions from Mathematics and 50 questions from aptitude along with 2 drawing questions. Time limit of each paper is 3 hour.

Fact No. 3

Have clear concepts – In this exam, having a clear concept definitely helps. You can mug up everything but that won’t take you any further. You need to have your concepts clear for this exam. Having a clear understanding about the papers will help you in the exam. So, first of all clear each and every doubts.

Fact No. 4

NCERT is must – For JEE Main exam, solving NCERT is a must. Many questions are asked from this book in the exam. So, if you solve this book then you can get more than a few common questions in the exam. Most of the students think that NCERT is easy so they don’t solve it but it is not the fact. Instead of solving other books, solving NCERT is better.

Fact No. 5

You can prepare for JEE Main and Board exam together – There are many students who take both the exam together. It is not that difficult to prepare for JEE Main, you are required to know the subjects of class XI and XII by heart. In this way, you are already preparing for JEE Main. You will have to go a little bit further for JEE Main as it is tougher than your board exam. So, you can prepare for both the exam at the same time.

Fact No. 6

Go for quality over quantity – You are not required to solve as many books as possible to get a good rank in JEE Main. Go for a specific set of books. Going for every book will confuse you and in this way, you won’t even be able to complete every book so in the end, it will be a waste. Choose your books and finish them and then solve lots of mock test papers.

Fact No. 7

Tuitions are not everything – Taking tuitions will definitely help but it is not everything. A coaching centre will provide you with the necessary guidance and will keep you to schedule but you will have to study on your own. They won’t help you to prepare until and unless you study by yourself and prepare yourself. Just because you are taking coaching classes does not mean that your task is over and it is their responsibility to make you pass in the exam. It completely depend on you. If you study hard then despite not taking any tuition you can achieve a good result in the exam.