Apple is switching to in-house OLED screens in 2018

Apple might be trying to buy all the OLED panels available right now, but Tim Cook & Co have something else in mind for 2018. The company purchased chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines from Korean company to start building an in-house 2.5G OLED display right in time for the next-year iPhone.

According to sources, Apple is steering away from the dependence it currently has on Samsung’s OLED screens. This move also breaks the monopoly by Canon Tokki, a leading provider of CVD machinery. In 2017 it supplied sets of OLED manufacturing equipment to Samsung and has plans to keep doing so next year.

LG Display is another buyer of Canon Tokki’s equipment. The company is currently producing OLED panels for Xiaomi and Google, but Apple is for now staying away from its displays.

This is another step towards Apple’s goal of making a fully in-house smartphone. Reports already suggested Apple is working on its own SoC with an entirely new GPU.