How To Attract Traffic To Your Blog

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The purpose of starting a blog is to get people to read it. How do you do it?It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to launch a blog and build an audience that makes it successful and from which you can also monetize your blog.

Don’t expect to create a blog today and achieve overnight success with it. Blogging success requires patience, and, more importantly, consistency. You will have blog for months before your blog gets any traction you need to be able to earn money from it. Follow these tips to increase your blog traffic.

Post consistently

You won’t build any audience for your blog if you only post when you are struck with inspiration, which is rarely. You must post fresh content regularly if you want to attract traffic to your blog. No one will know your blog exists if you don’t update it regularly. Even search reward blogs with volumes of content and which are regularly featuring new content.

Ideally, you blog should be updated regularly, the better if you can do it more frequently than that but watch out for burnout. You are better off posting weekly but consistently than posting twenty articles in one week then disappearing for months.This is how you build a reliable audience for your blog.

The quality of your content should high. Don’t go for quantity over quality.

Write eye-catching headlines

Make a reader want to know more about the story. With the ever-diminishing human attention, you need to grab a reader’s attention with an eye-catching headline. Your headlines and titles should be short, catchy, and bold. More importantly, it should give a hint of what the reader should expect in your article. Something like Best Drinking Water Filter.

Don’t confuse catchy headlines for clickbaits. Your article should live up to its billing if you want your readers to remain loyal to your blog. The meat and bones of your articles should justify the headline so the reader doesn’t feel shortchanged or misled.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines can help you drive lots of traffic to your blog but only if you understand how search engines work. If you want your blog to appear on search engine results then you must learn SEO.

SEO is basically making your blog and articles easier for search crawlers to find them and rank your blog. The best place to start is by doing research on relevant keywords on the content you are writing about and using them appropriately in your articles to get better search engine ranking, which should be on the first page of the results page.

Watch out for spamming though since it can get you penalized or even blacklisted.

Guest blogging

Writing for other blogs can get you noticed as a blogger and is one of the effective strategies in driving traffic to your blog through backlinks. It also does your SEO efforts some good.

When you post on other blogs, you get noticed by their audience who will then also check out your blog.