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How Outer Space is Becoming the Next Internet

  An hour after sunrise on June 28, Mike Safyan and nine co-workers from Planet Labs gathered in their San Francisco office for a pancake breakfast. It was a Sunday, so business was closed. But this weekend morning was too momentous for Safyan and crew to stay home. Their 5-year-old start-up, which builds shoebox-sized satellites to orbit Earth and capture ... Read More »

Abe mocked on Internet over ‘raw meat’ fire model

Twitter users were howling in derision after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used paper models and cut-out firefighters on television in his latest attempt to explain the controversial security legislation. Apparently concerned about declining public support and suspicion over the bills, which will allow Japan to engage in collective self-defense, Abe used props on two different programs to try to present ... Read More »

Canada orders large ISPs to make fiber available to competitors

Canada’s large incumbent Internet service providers must now make their fiber networks available to competitors under a new requirement designed to boost broadband competition. FURTHER READING WE DON’T NEED NET NEUTRALITY; WE NEED COMPETITION Op-ed: “Unbundled access” actually works. “Following an extensive review, the CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission] found that the large incumbent companies continue to possess market ... Read More »

Pakistani intelligence sought to tap internet via underwater cables

  ISLAMABAD: Pakistani intelligence sought to tap worldwide internet traffic via underwater cables that would have given the country a digital espionage capacity to rival the US, according to a report by Privacy International. The report says the country’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency hired intermediary companies to acquire domestic spying tool kits from Western and Chinese firms for domestic ... Read More »

The Left Versus The Internet

Recently ousted Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has a depressing take on the current state of the web. In the words of a recent retrospective, Pao moans that “the trolls are winning the battle for the internet.” The Onion couldn’t have come up with a more spectacularly un-self-aware response to what caused Pao’s ouster. To be fair to her, recent revelations ... Read More »

Newsmaker: Yuri Milner

“We are alive. We are intelligent. We must know”: Stephen Hawking announced the “Breakthrough Listen” project on July 20, which was, not coincidentally, the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing. “Listen” is funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner who has made an unprecedented commitment of $100 million in the search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life. This is a new massive ... Read More »

From fitness trackers to drones, how the Internet of Things is transforming the insurance industry

  The ability to bring internet connection to nearly every type of consumer device will have huge implications for the insurance industry over the next five years. Insurers looking to cut costs, improve business practices, and better assess clients’ risk levels, will increasingly invest in the Internet of Things (IoT). Some auto and health insurers are already offering a new ... Read More »

Four Zero Days Disclosed in Internet Explorer Mobile

UPDATE–As if all of the vulnerabilities in Flash and Windows discovered in the Hacking Team document cache and the 193 bugs Oracle fixed last week weren’t enough for organizations to deal with, HP’s Zero Day Initiative has released four new zero days in Internet Explorer Mobile that can lead to remote code execution on Windows Phones. The four vulnerabilities originally were ... Read More »

Drone operators may need flying permits under new rules

  Drone operators must be more open about their surveillance activities under new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations. Upgraded rules which come into force on August 1 require drone users to secure permission before hovering over public spaces and private property. CAA General Manager of general aviation Steve Moore said the new and reinforced rules reflected a significant increase in ... Read More »

Contactless cards: How do they work and is your money safe?

We spent £2.32 billion on contactless cards in 2014 so we should probably understand the tech to stay safe. The popularity of contactless cards has surged over the last year, with a record £2.32 billion spent using this payment method in the UK in 2014. How do contactless cards work?                     ... Read More »