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Gadgets news: Power glove and a tactile tablet for the blind

This week in gadget news, a stone carver creates a power glove to carve for him, a tactile tablet for the blind was developed and a nifty LED learner keyboard. Happaratus power glove If design student Morten Grønning Nielsen has anything to say, then it looks like it’ll be the end of the ancient tradition of using a hammer and ... Read More »

News sources get a dynamic aura

Malayali’s reading habits are changing with the times. Discussions about current affairs have become real time with the prevalence of mobile phones and internet. Traditional newspapers saw the television news channels catching up with them. Online media soon followed. Online and broadcasting media now lead in bringing news to readers as and when it breaks. Online, TV and newspapers compete ... Read More »

Sheryl Sandberg Joins Surveymonkey’s Board

Sheryl Sandberg is taking a seat on the board of SurveyMonkey, her late husband’s online survey and polling company.Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook and author of the book “Lean In,” unexpectedly lost her husband, Dave Goldberg, while on vacation in May. Since then she has published on Facebook a widely read post on her widowhood and on the necessity ... Read More »

Puerto Rican debt crisis hits Congress

A looming debt crisis in Puerto Rico is setting off a fresh fight in Congress, where lawmakers are debating a statutory fix that could allow the island territory to declare bankruptcy. Advocates of the change say it would resolve a technical oversight from a decades-old bankruptcy law, while skeptics warn that it could throw into question billions of dollars in ... Read More »

If the latest iPhone leak is true, there’s bad news for new buyers

If the latest leak out of Apple’s iPhone factories is true, then the next iPhone will start with just 16GB of storage. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman published leaked images of the internal components of the next iPhone, the so-called iPhone 6S. One of the components is a 16GB flash storage chip. That’s bad news for all-new iPhone owners if Apple ends ... Read More »

L&T Finance shares up 6% on talks co may sell 25% stake to Warburg Pincus

Shares of L&T Finance Holdings emerged as the second-best performer in the BSE mid-cap space in early trade Tuesday, surging nearly 6 percent to a high of Rs 70.15 on a media report that American private equity fund Warburg Pincus may acquire 25 percent stake in the financial services arm of L&T. L&T Finance has set a price of Rs ... Read More »

Rift Emerges as Europe Gears Up for New Talks on Greece Bailout

ATHENS — Germany continued to maintain a hard line with Athens on Monday, just a day after Greek voters decisively rejected a bailout deal from its creditors. But some European countries showed a willingness to soften the push for austerity that has proved so contentious. The growing rift among European leaders threatens to complicate any new negotiations, as the Greek ... Read More »

Charged waters

A 21-year-old man was out for an evening swim near a dock several weeks ago when he felt electricity in the water. He grabbed the dock ladder to get out of the water, was shocked and fell face-down back into the water. Marcus Colburn became a victim of electric shock drowning Sunday, June 21, in Missouri. ESD causes death and ... Read More »

Your idle computer could help scientists study the drought

Your idle computer could help scientists run a program that’ll shed light on the factors behind the drought. The project, backed by climate researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Oxford, is hoping to tease out what role greenhouse gases and ocean temperatures play in creating dry spells like the one currently gripping California. Over the last two ... Read More »

Second Harvest feeds local families in need

There’s local help available for families in the area struggling to get enough to eat. Friendship Church in Prior Lake, 17741 Fairlawn Ave., partners with Second Harvest to provide a free surplus food and household products for households in need. The items are distributed starting at 5:30 p.m. at Friendship Church on the second Thursday of every month. Registration for ... Read More »