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Overnight delivery? That’s so last century

That new pair of shoes or latest tech gadget you’ve been wanting? Amazon wants to deliver it to you in less time than a pizza delivery, The Associated Press reports. The e-commerce giant told Congress Wednesday that it’s developing drone technology that can deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. Amazon will still have a few hurdles to clear, however, ... Read More »

12 big stocks set to sizzle this summer

Grab your beach towel and calculator – summer starts this weekend. Don’t let your portfolio miss out on some hot action. Summer’s not a great period for stocks. But there are 12 stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500, including coffee brewer maker Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR), fertilizer maker CF Industries (CF)and gadget maker Apple (AAPL) that not only beat ... Read More »

TAG Doctor Who, 10th Doctor, Episodes ‘Doctor Who’ 10th Doctor Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Here Are 10’s Ten Best Episodes

On June 18, 2005, the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) regenerated into the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) on Doctor Who. That day gave us our first look at Tennant, the actor responsible for replacing Eccleston, as the Doctor, as well as a new Doctor with a new look and personality (and of course, new teeth). Today, marks the 10th anniversary of ... Read More »

Christopher Bailey Brings Burberry Into the 21st Century

IN THE WEST YORKSHIRE TOWN of Castleford, England, pop. 39,192, there is a long, low Art Deco building that bears the rubric “Made in Yorkshire” above its front door. The bright, anonymous structure gives nothing away, but inside is where Burberry makes its check-lined trench coats—an item that ranks with Hermès scarves, Gucci loafers and Vuitton bags as a style ... Read More »

How Samsung Is Using The World As Its Gear VR Laboratory

Roughly half a year after Samsung released the Innovator Edition of its Gear VR virtual reality headset in December 2014, the company made it obsolete. Despite the relatively youth of the original, which ran off the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4, the South Korean tech giant showed off a revised version fit for its latest 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 smartphone at Mobile World Congress in March. It soon ... Read More »

Future Cars: Porsche Reboots 2017 Panamera In Pursuit Of Beauty

When Porsche CEO Matthias Müller admits that the current Panamera is not a looker, you know that it’s a car which has polarized the public – and generally, not in a good way… In light of the styling debate, Porsche has been hard at work developing a successor that will fix the mistakes of the original whilst still delivering that ... Read More »

The Next Apple Watch May Be Way Less Reliant On An iPhone

Rumors are an endless ouroboros of speculation. As soon as one device is announced/launched/shipped fresh gadget hearsay about The Next Generation begins. With some Apple Watch buyers still awaiting their precious wrist-strapped cargo, we’re already hearing more and more about the next one, and to be honest, it sounds way better. The famous purveyor of Apple rumors, Mark Gurman at ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: A Smartphone You Can Take Outside

The Galaxy S6 Active takes Samsung’s flagship smartphone and adds waterproofing, protection against drops, a larger battery and unique physical buttons. As the name suggests, it targets active people. Well, I’m active—can it stand up to my abuse? Before we get started, you should know that I’m no gadget expert. If you want to read about pixel density and processor ... Read More »

Koenigsegg One:1 Destroys 0-300-0 km/h Record in Test Run

When it comes to fast hypercars, Koenigsegg has one of the fastest in all of the world. It’s Agera R already holds the current record for sprinting from 0-300-0 km/h and Koenigsegg wants to break its own record. Recently Koenigsegg had its new hypercar, the One:1, at the track for a practice run to see what it can do in ... Read More »

Love Mexican food? The taco emoji is coming to a phone near you

NEW YORK, June 19 — Are you a fan of Mexican food, especially tacos? Fear not! The taco emoji is coming to a phone near you. Taco Bell yesterday announced that the Unicode Consortium has agreed to add the taco emoji to their lineup, and are waiting for Apple and Android to implement the change. There has been a call ... Read More »