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Stopped in its tracks

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles reinforced Thursday what Greensboro residents and city leaders have said for months. The changes forced on their City Council by the state legislature had no rational basis. But Greensboro residents and city leaders had no power to stop it. Eagles did. She heard arguments in court Thursday morning and, several hours later, granted an injunction ... Read More »

Microsoft launches WhatsApp-style messaging app

Microsoft is launching a new email app, after admitting that its current Outlook email app is too slow. The firm is developing the WhatsApp-style app through Microsoft Garage, built specifically for ‘brief, snappy communications’. The app, dubbed ‘Send’, is currently available for iPhones in the US and Canada, and will also soon come to Windows Phone and Android. The firm ... Read More »

Morristown police getting new SUV, computer

MORRISTOWN — The Morristown Police Department will get a new SUV to replace a car after the Morristown Town Council approved the purchase Wednesday night. “By the time you get it on the road, you’re probably close to $40,000,” Clerk Treasurer Don Roberts said. The 2-wheel drive SUV will be purchased through a state bid with Kelley Chevrolet in Fort ... Read More »


  BY MITCH GENTRY AND ALAINA YEEAre you ready for the next iteration of Windows? If you’re planning to update your system as soon as Windows 10 launches next Wednesday, you’ve got some work to do. It doesn’t matter if you intend to do an upgrade instead of a clean install—you’ll still want to ensure a smooth transition. We’ve outlined ... Read More »

Typhoon 01C (Halola), #42

1:30 p.m. Friday, July 24, Japan time: Here’s the latest Typhoon Halola wind-forecast timeline for Okinawa from Kadena Air Base’s 18th Wing Weather Flight; not much change to it: Onset of 40-mph sustained winds: 5 a.m. Saturday. Onset of 58-mph sustained winds, 9 a.m. Saturday. Peak 58-mph sustained winds, 86-mph gusts for Okinawa, noon Saturday (46-mph sustained, 63-mph gusts for ... Read More »

Astronomers discover most Earth-like planet yet

A planet believed to be remarkably similar to Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant sun-like star, bolstering hopes of finding life elsewhere in the universe, US scientists said on Thursday. The planet, which is about 60 percent bigger than Earth, is located 1,400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. It was discovered by astronomers using NASA’s Kepler space ... Read More »

PlayStation 4 Dominated the Ubisoft Sales, PC Surprisingly Strong

The French publisher Ubisoft has published so the platform statistics in the wake of its latest financial results. These show CLEARLY did the dominant platform is the PlayStation 4, Sony console CAN CLEARLY reference the places Especially the Xbox One. Surprisingly strong but presents the PC. Only a Publisher among many is Ubisoft, the French company is one of the ... Read More »

WB changes internal review process, delays Arkham Knight DLC for PC

A community manager for Warner Bros. has taken to the Batman: Arkham Knight forums to post an update on status of the PC version of the game, also announcing that DLC has been delayed for the PC version and that the internal review process has been modified. There’s nothing too shocking here, and sounds like Warner Bros. has finally realized that ... Read More »

Wikileaks expose purchase secrets of Indian spy agencies

Whistleblower Wikileaks has published searchable database of over a million leaked emails, including those related to the Indian intelligence agencies, from the data of Hacking Team (HT) – a nefarious Italian spyware company, that itself was hacked in a big way this week. The released data reveals that not only Indian intelligence agencies but several states’ police forces also were ... Read More »

‘Tamil Nadu Approached Hacking Team to Track Mobile Signals’

NEW DELHI:Documents and internal emails of Italian spyware maker Hacking Team, released by WikiLeaks, reveal that Indian intelligence agencies were procuring surveillance technology, which can access the targets’ desktops, intercept mobile calls, steal files and spy on emails. One of the emails leaked by WikiLeaks is related to CABSEC (external spy agency R&AW), which the company claimed was one of ... Read More »