While Day 1 at the Auto Expo 2018 took off with a bang yesterday with automakers announcing and launching new and existing vehicles for the Indian market, Day 2 is expected to keep the momentum going.

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Yesterday saw the launch of quite a few concept vehicles from established brands like Tata MotorsMaruti Suzuki while new others who have yet to step into the Indian market, like Kiahad something exciting to show off at their respective stands as well.

While the Auto Expo is usually a place to showcase upcoming vehicles from a particular automotive brand, the four wheeler segment saw a launch by Hyundai Elite i20 and a few others in the two wheeler segment by Kawasaki Motorcycles.

Day 2 at the Auto Expo will see some more launches by Maruti Suzuki for the four wheelers, while UM Motorcycles will stand up for the two wheelers.

The Auto Expo 2018 will also be inaugurated officially today with the access to the general public opening from 9-14 February.