The saying that there is no alternative to awareness is quite true and it goes a long way in our lives to be aware and more aware than the others who re lurking around you when it comes to safeguard your devices and the data that they carry. Most often, we have all of our information that we need with us in some form or other and the most sought after way of having all the data with you is the smart phone which doubles up as your personal assistant on the move by giving you all the information that you need and as and when you need it. This is quite a convenient and economical way of having the data on your finger tips but it has all the downsides to it when you are surrounded by people who are very curious to know about what is happening in your life and in your career. Some people whom you trust most are exactly the ones who would do this sort of thing with you when you are not looking and this would definitely make you feel disgusted with the whole of humanity but you need not be so stressed out if you believe that the basic nature of humans is curiosity but you will not give the fodder for the other person’s curiosty and therefore you are going to secure your personal data.

The first step!

            The first step towards securing your personal, professional and financial information from becoming common knowledge is to install the right safety application which will put an end to your stress with regard to this aspect of your smart phone. The application suggested by many and which is installed by many around the world is called as the LEO privacy guard which has been installed by more than a billion subscribers who have found it very reliable and effective. There are many who have given great testimonies on the application which you can find on review LEO privacy guard section and have all the details of the application.

What does it do?

            The application is very effective in preventing break in of the smart phone by alerting you as soon as it happens and you would get the opportunity to check and prevent it. The application is able to mask the icons that represent the particular application for example the video files or the gallery which homes all your important information. The application is very useful in hiding all the audio visual information such as photos and videos that are very important to you and you want them remain a secret.

The extras!

            There are a number of other things which the application is able to do for you such as reduce the amount of battery usage which makes you to recharge it oh so often but with this application, you can reduce the number of times you recharge and use less battery power. The version is updated at regular intervals and thus the latest can be used to have the new features. It is compatible with many devices such as the android devices and the tablets or the I phone and the I pad. The latest version in this case is the 3.2 version and the company is always diligently trying to check for any loop holes that might emerge with passing time. Take a look at review LEO privacy guard so that you can be sure about the way it works and secure your hard earned data and information easily.