Biggest Reason Why Yamaha R15 V3 India Launch is Far Away

It is launched in Indonesia, it looks gorgeous, ticks all the boxes but the question is – when is R15 v3’s Indian launch?

With the FZ25, Yamaha has signalled that they could NOT be labelled as manufacturers who pay more-heed to unexciting scooters! FZ25, though not stellar in terms of on-paper specs, is a fuss-free 250cc at very exciting price points.

Yamaha’s Indian head, Mr Roy Kurian, who hinted at Fazer 250 recently, very ecstatically said – “We are back!“. However, in the same video by Powerdrift, he did NOT sound very upbeat about the idea of bringing the smashing new R15 v3, which has been launched in Indonesia, to India.

When asked about it, he said

“We launch around 250 models worldwide every year. It doesn’t mean we have to bring all the bikes to India. Right now…we will follow a countrywide strategy. We have R15, R15-S…. Now we do not know… if there is a requirement we will think about that bike in our market… but right now…lets see…”

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It appeared as if he was trying to avoid this question and hence he went all around it to simply say – “We won’t bring it anytime soon, son!” Clearly, the R15 v3 doesn’t appear to be a priority for Yamaha India at the moment going by his wordings and we tell you why…

R15 V3 India Launch – Not Soon

Basically, the current R15 v2, which is in all regards a fantastic motorcycle, is still doing very good (3000 to 4000 units) in monthly sales. Realistically speaking the new R15 v3 may not take this figure very high (after it settles down). So yes, it does not make much of a business sense considering that the R15 v3 is a comprehensively changed motorcycle with a new engine (the new 155 cc engine was already in production in Indonesia in other products but it is not on sale on any two-wheeler in India) and Yamaha India will require major re-structuring and hence higher investment to start its production here. And a significantly higher retail price tag may, in fact, reduce its numbers!

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In comparison, they see more scope in the new FZ range (with the FZ25 they are targeting sales of 4000-5000 units per month) and hence, as Mr Kurien said, Fazer 250 appears to be ‘logical’ and would probably be the next big launch in India.

Current R15 v2 sold in India is doing pretty well…

Update: Here comes the biggest reason – Yamaha has updated the current R15 V2 to BS4 emission norms!

This transition from BS3 to BS4 was the only vantage point where we thought they could budge. However, they have taken all the pains and invested money in updating R15’s 149cc engine (which is NOT sold on any other motorcycle in India) to BS4 which is a clear indication of the fact that they intend to sell the motorcycle for many more months to come!

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If you ask me, R15 v3’s Indian launch does not look possible this year. In fact, I do NOT see it coming anytime in H1 2018 as well! So, the wait will continue.

[ Source :- Bikeadvice ]