What Can a Pain Management Doctor Can Do for Me?

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Who is a Pain Management Doctor? If you are somebody, who is in excruciating pain, then a pain management doctor is somebody who will diagnose why you are experiencing pain. The pain management doctor will also, provide you with a treatment plan that you can follow to be relieved from the pain.

In most of the cases, the pain management doctors are the anesthesiologists. While you are undergoing a surgery, the anesthesiologists see that you do not have pain during the surgery. During pregnancy, women are most familiar to it in the Labor and Delivery Room. Today, due to the variety of reasons anesthesiologists are used, they have become their own category of doctors. Before, the services of the anesthesiologists could have been availed in the dentist or the doctor’s chambers as well as for smaller operations or procedures.

Today, often it is the anesthesiologists himself and a team of specialist work towards decreasing the patients pain. Together with the team, the anesthesiologists not only ease the pain of the patient during the surgery or procedure, but also after the surgery as well. In case of patients affected with other diseases such as bone illness or cancer, the anesthesiologists will consult with the other specialist doctors such as oncologists, orthopedists, neurologists. After consulting with the specialist doctors, the team will take a broad decision, and make a plan on how to deal with the patient’s pain scenario.

It is really important to assess, when does a patient really need a pain management doctor. To assess the condition of the patient, even non-physicians such as nurse practitioner, nurses, therapists and physician assistants are brought in to the consultation. A specialist who have a specialization in pain treatment will, treat the patients outside of surgery and procedures for a range of things such as migraine, cancer pain, headache, neck pain, surgery pain, nerve pain, back pain and shingles. People who have undergone amputation also have some kind of pain, known as phantom limb pain. Calling upon a pain specialist may also help to relieve from these kinds of pains.

A pain management specialist can treat a patient, who have incurred serious pain from an illness, surgery or an accident. But, most of the times, the services of a pain management doctor are needed post knee surgery pain, and during the recovery phase of an accident. Patients diagnosed with sickle cell anemia often recognize heavy pain in several parts of their body, and pain management specialist can come in huge help here. Surgeries in stomach and chest, also welcomes excruciating muscle pain, which is also healed by pain specialists. Often, patients who are hospitalized through a clinic, are seen by a pain management doctor. They work closely with the doctor by reviewing the medical history of the patient, to get a full understanding of the situation.

If you are visiting a pain management doctor for the first time, you will be given a questionnaire, which would ask for detailed information about the pain. The replies you provide in the questionnaire will help the pain management specialist to assess the pain that you are having, so that they can decide on the medical procedure. The pain management doctor may also instruct you to do a physical exam, which will help him further understand the situation.

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