Your Car. Your Schedule. Our Driver.

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Remember all those times you tumbled out of bed and had to race to work in your car, meanwhile half asleep? How about the time when you went to a party with friends and couldn’t be a part of the high spirits since you had to drive home? Didn’t it constantly make you wish that there was someone who could drive your car while you enjoyed some shuteye? Or you could have a drink or two, knowing you wouldn’t have to drive in fear of getting a DUI? Well, DriveU is the answer to all your wishes.

Enjoy Some ‘Me Time’

DriveU offers you the best service yet, where you get to hire a personal driver for your car and enjoy worry-free transportation. You can stay on schedule as planned, while the driver gets you to your destination on time. Focus on the task at hand while DriveU’s drivers on call take care of the rest.

Unwind, relax, catch up on your to-do list, stay on top of your emails, get that presentation ready, watch a show on Netflix on your phone/tablet, or just catch up on sleep, while DriveU’s private driver chauffeurs you in the cosiness of your own car.

A Service That’s Easy-Peasy

It’s not just the journey that is stress-free but also the process of hiring the driver. Download the DriveU app and choose the pick-up location along with the timing that is best suited for you. DriveU will assign one of its many well-trained drivers, whom you can track and communicate with using the app. Once the driver reaches your location, you hand over the keys to him and enjoy the rest of the ride in the backseat. When you reach your destination, the app gives you a fare breakup, which you can either pay online or by cash. A personal driver costs starting from ₹89/hour.

A Chauffeur for You

Put an end to your commuting woes as you travel smart with DriveU’s quality service, when you need it, wherever you need it. The service ensures you get a personal driver on demand, which caters to your travel needs and lets you enjoy the trip and not an impersonal taxi driver. You get your very own personal concierge with just a few taps on the app.

A Preferred Experience to Suit You

DriveU provides you with the perfect driver who knows the roads. A few additional services are also provided on this experience such as taking care of all parking issues, fuelling the car, getting the car washed, and ensuring the tyre pressure is checked. All this is done while you attend your meeting or have dinner on your family outing, and while the drive waits idly. The personal drivers for hirefrom DriveU ensure that your everyday life is made comfortable and is as productive as possible.