Competition Commission Rejects Complaint Against Dell India

Fair trade watchdog CCI has rejected allegations that computer maker Dell India Pvt Ltd indulged in anti-competitive practices with respect to the business of a particular server. It was alleged that the company engaged in unfair business ways by creating entry barriers in the market for x86 server. After finding that there was no prima facie evidence of competition norms’ ... Read More »

Military plane crash in Spain ‘was caused by computer data accidentally being wiped from three of its engines’

A fatal military plane crash in Spain was caused when data was accidentally wiped from computers controlling three of the aircraft’s four engines, it is claimed. Four of six crew members on board an Airbus A400M military transport plane died after the aircraft plunged into a field near Seville last month during a routine delivery flight. Now sources familiar with ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Massive 84-Inch Computer

      Last week, during a press preview at Manhattan’s Westin Hotel, Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Microsoft devices, switched on the Surface Hub, a new 84-inch Windows touchscreen that he hopes will kickstart any work meeting. “If you blink, you’ll miss it,” said Anguilo as he tapped the touchscreen. With that single gesture, he flipped on the ... Read More »

MLB Network Launches Live Authenticated Streaming To Computer And Mobile Devices

      Baseball fans will now be able to get MLB Network, not only on their television, but on their computer and mobile devices. The network owned by Major League Baseball and their clubs today began providing an authenticated stream of its 24/7, baseball programming via At Bat for smartphones and tablets and online at It marks ... Read More »

Security experts Kaspersky report advanced hacking attack against its own network

      Kaspersky, a high-profile company in the computer security business, has rather ironically, been hacked. In a blog post titled, “Kaspersky Lab investigates hacker attack on its own network,” the Russia-based outfit said it’d recently discovered an “advanced attack” on its own internal networks. CEO Eugene Kaspersky described the breach as “complex [and] stealthy,” adding that it was ... Read More »

Here’s what to do if your computer gets taken over by ransomware – a form of malware taking over the internet

      Ransomware is evolving and that’s bad news for just about everybody except cyber-thieves. Ransomware, which is a form of malware, works by either holding your entire computer hostage or by blocking access to all of your files by encrypting them. A person infected with ransomware is typically ordered (via a pop-up window) to pay anything from a ... Read More »

Computer solves 120-year-old biology problem that had scientists stumped

    Can computer software invent scientific theories and ideas as well as crunch numbers? That’s the suggestion being put forward by Michael Levin and Daniel Lobo, two computer scientists at Tufts University, Massachusetts in the US, who have programmed a computer to come up with its own scientific hypothesis on one of biology’s most well-known mysteries. The mystery in ... Read More »

Microsoft’s support for computer science education in Washington sees backing in signed House Bill 1813

      The landscape of working environments will continually be in flux. From the Industrial Revolution to the Second Industrial Revolution, or more commonly known as the Technological Revolution, jobs were created, and jobs were replaced. To thrive in these fluctuating circumstances, it was incumbent upon parents, teachers, and universities to prepare an upcoming workforce with the trades, skills, ... Read More »

1980s computer controls GRPS heat and AC

      A 30-year-old computer that has run day and night for decades is what controls the heat and air conditioning at 19 Grand Rapids Public Schools. The Commodore Amiga was new to GRPS in the early 1980s and it has been working tirelessly ever since. GRPS Maintenance Supervisor Tim Hopkins said that the computer was purchased with money from ... Read More »

Water Droplets Power Computer

    Unless you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet, you hardly ever see computer electronics mixed with water. But scientists at Stanford University have developed a computer that uses the unique physics of moving water droplets. By precisely controlling the droplets using a technique called fluidic computation, assistant professor of bioengineering Manu Prakash and his team have created a ... Read More »