Cramer: Fed could spark a long awaited rally

+ So far, this year has brought weak earnings, issues of valuation and stress in the oil patch. But unless the Federal Reserve provides clarity on where it stands with rate hikes this year, Jim Cramer said it is going to be very hard for the market to find a footing. “When you drill down, the proximate cause of much ... Read More »

Investor optimism falls to 2005 low: Survey

The year is only two weeks old but investors are already down in the dumps. (Tweet This) Global equity markets kicked off 2016 on the wrong foot as concerns over a slowdown in China, as well as plunge in oil prices, have weighed. The S&P 500 has shed about 9 percent this year and has teetered in and out of ... Read More »

How to tell a bull correction from a bear market

It’s a correction, right? Just like August. That was last week’s conventional wisdom, and that was before the S&P 500’s downdraft drove it 10 percent off its highs and wiped away 6.2 percent since the year began. The velocity and pain of the move, however, has more than a few market pros questioning whether the sell-off is really the start ... Read More »

Prepare for stocks to fall another 10%: Larry Fink

BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink said Friday the stock market could fall another 10 percent and oil prices could test $25 per barrel. “We’re in the midst of a real market decline, bordering on a bear market,” he told “Squawk Box” on CNBC. “But the speed at which this is happening is just a reassessment of the risk, reassessment ... Read More »

Holiday sales fall short of forecasts: NRF

The National Retail Federation said Friday that holiday sales increased 3 percent to $626.1 billion in November and December, falling short of the trade group’s forecast for 3.7 percent growth, as unseasonably warm weather and low prices weighed on results. The news came shortly after the Commerce Department said retail sales posted an unexpected drop in December, falling 0.1 percent ... Read More »

Mutual funds riskier than ETFs: BlackRock CEO Fink

BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink issued a retort Friday to critics of exchange-traded funds, making his case for why ETFs present less risk than mutual funds. “Let me talk about what ETFs did in the periods of real turmoil,” Fink told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He cited the performance of BlackRock’siShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF during the ... Read More »

Is Money Saving Possible When Leasing a Car?

A lot of people opt for leasing a car than buying one. Leasing normally lets you drive a more high-end or a newer vehicle at lower monthly payments, as opposed to buying a car for the same down payment and price. Even in cases when you buy a car taking a low-interest loan, it is believed that leasing would tend ... Read More »

Cramer: Charts showing a huge S&P correction could be coming

After the vicious sell-off last week, Jim Cramer wanted to know how much more pain the S&P 500 has to endure before it finally bottoms. And what he discovered could be significant. To answer this important question, he enlisted the help of Carolyn Boroden, a technician who runs and a colleague of Cramer’s at The reason Cramer turned ... Read More »

China fears are going to dissipate: Strategist

Fears of slow global economic growth and a glut in the oil market have ignited debates about whether there’s a recession ahead, but some think that the market, which started the year with a drop, will bounce back later this year. “The China fears will dissipate as they have for the last several years every time we have another China ... Read More »

Crude oil could rally more than 35% from here: Societe Generale

The International Energy Agency renewed concerns about a global oilglut after it said crude oversupply should continue through the end of 2016. The announcement follows the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Iran over the weekend, which experts project will add more crude to the market. Oil prices fell more than 3 percent Tuesday, settling at their lowest level since September ... Read More »