The ‘Reddit Revolt’ that led to Ellen Pao’s resignation is bad news for the Internet

  Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao stepped down today, following a week that saw the online community’s users call for her head on a pike after the controversial firing of a well-liked employee. It’s been called the “Reddit Revolt,” and it bodes poorly for the future of the Internet. So far this year, we’ve gone through the hype cycles for ... Read More »

The $100 Million Content Farm That’s Killing the Internet

  The dream of the highbrow internet is dead. This week, the viral aggregator ViralNova was acquired for $100 million dollars. Meanwhile, the Pitchfork spin-off film criticism site The Dissolve ceased operationswith an internet_meaningful blogpost entitled “The End.” The divergence between the missions and lifecycles of these two media projects that both launched in 2013 leave me wondering, “WTF is ... Read More »

ICANN running the global internet? It’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be OK, US Congress told

US Congress was soothed Wednesday morning over the fundamental shift of the IANA contract, which oversees the running of the global internet, from the US government to non-profit domain overlord ICANN, but significant questions remain. In a hearing called by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, ICANN’s smooth-talking CEO Fadi Chehade and the US official in charge of the transition, ... Read More »

Can the Internet of Things improve your jump shot? These apps are trying

This time of year, the biggest news in basketball is which multimillionaire baller is moving to what city for how big a pile of cash. But the real money may not be in the star players, but in using technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve the games of millions of young players and aging weekend warriors. And ... Read More »

AT&T’s Latest Promise to FCC in Effort to Win DirecTV Merger Approval Reeks of Desperation

While no one on the outside knows exactly what’s going on behind closed doors, it appears as though AT&T still has some work to put in if it hopes to get its $50 billion DirecTV merger proposal approved by regulators. The company had already made some promises in an effort to win favor with the Federal Communications Commission, including a ... Read More »

Internet, tech, infra, realty In India may gain from China meltdown

India’s services sector including internet business, retail, real estate, telecom and information technology is unlikely to be directly impacted by the Chinese stock market meltdown, but experts see some positive trickle-in effect on the country. The $3.7 trillion wipe-off in the Chinese stock market could indirectly result in greater flow of investments from China into some high-growth sectors in India, ... Read More »

FBI Chief Urges ‘Robust Debate’ on Encryption

FBI Director James Comey called Monday for public debate on the use of encrypted communications, saying Americans may not realize how radical groups and criminals are using the technology. Comey’s comments in a blog post appeared to seek more public support for his view, first expressed last year, that stronger encryption being developed for mobile devices could hurt the efforts ... Read More »

Shahid Kapoor is getting married and here are the craziest rumours so far

It’s Shahid Kapoor’s wedding day. But you probably already know that. More fascinating than the Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput wedding, (what’s not fascinating about a Bollywood superstar marrying an unassuming 21-year-old Delhi girl, who he met at a ‘satsang’) are the ridiculous media reports floating in the internet around the wedding. While Shahid didn’t quite shout out his wedding plans from the rooftop, ... Read More »


This November, The New Museum and MIT Press will kick off a new series of critical anthologies with Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century, co-edited by The New Museum’s Lauren Cornell along with Ed Halter. The new series revives a six volume set that ran between 1984 and 2004, spawning such influential works a 1984’s Art ... Read More »

Current Affairs: Smart agriculture solution won at ITC Infotech Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon

Smart agriculture solution on July 7, 2015 won at ITC Infotech Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon. Smart agriculture solution is an irrigation solution focused on smart agriculture to enable water conservation with optimal crop irrigation. iTech 2015 launched ITC Infotech Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon. The event held at ITC Infotechpark, Bangalore from July 4, 2015 to July 5, 2015. The ... Read More »