Top 10 trending phones of week 1

New year, same story – the Samsung Galaxy J7 was and remains on top of our weekly trending chart. And its trustworthy sidekick J5 is up there next to it, in what has become one of the longest-standing podium pairs. The Galaxy J2, which would join them on occasion, is now down to 6th, and the 3rd spot has been ... Read More »

Windows 10 said to be powering over a million phones

Over a million phones are now running Windows 10 operating system. This was revealed by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley while speaking at the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. Citing unconfirmed sources, she also revealed that the OS is powering around 180 million PCs and 18 million Xbox Ones. This comes just days after Microsoft revealed that more than ... Read More »

Nokia 230 24K-gold-plating costs more than the phone, still worth it

We understand the urge to have your flagship LG V10 gold-plated, and the gold bath adds an extra bit of flair to curved-body Samsung high-end models Galaxy S6 edge and Note5. But what about that Nokia 230 that you keep in your car’s glove box for backup, or use as a secondary phone for basic needs? Now Vietnamese specialists in ... Read More »

Motorola Mobility clears up branding confusion in official statement

in a bit of a PR mess up, Motorola Mobility CEO Rick Osterloh announced the other day that parent company Lenovo will be phasing out the Motorola brand, and that created confusion as to its future. To set the record straight, Motorola has issued a statement on its official blog. Motorola Mobility, as a company, continues to exist and keeps ... Read More »

Apple working with Beats to bring wireless earbuds to the iPhone 7

It’s fair to say that quite a few people were infuriated by rumors that Apple might be abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7 in favor of Lightning-connected accessories. There’s an ongoing petition to keep the connectivity option, signed by more than 215,000 people, and counting. Now some new insider info reiterates the 3.5 jack’s future demise, adding ... Read More »

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 owners reporting mysterious green line on display

Several users of the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 smartphone are reporting an issue with their device where-in a vertical green light appears on the device’s display. A quick look at Motorola’s forums reveal that the issue dates back to November last year. A user who goes by the name of Venoran posted his side of the story on Motorola’s forum, ... Read More »

BlackBerry CEO: BB 10 far from dead; another Android phone this year

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said that the company’s BB 10 operating system is “far from” dead. He made the comment in a post on the company’s official blog, where-in he also revealed that BB 10-powered phones such as Passport, Classic, and others will be getting security and privacy enhancements this year. “The coming version 10.3.3 will be certified for ... Read More »

Investors may be overpaying for safety

In a terrible year for stocks, it’s little surprise that the best-performing sector is the utilities. But is there a risk that these bond-like stocks are becoming overvalued? On a price-to-earnings basis, the utilities have become richly valued indeed. Based on the popular comparison of utilities’ share price with analysts’ expectations of earnings over the next year, utilities have not ... Read More »

Xiaomi MIUI 7.1 to reportedly hit more devices starting next week

As you might already know, the latest iteration of Xiaomi’s mobile OS – MIUI 7.1 – started rolling out earlier this week. While the list of supported devices was comprehensive, some handsets were left out. Image credit: Thomson Reuters Now, according to a new report, the update will hit more devices starting next week – Janaury 11. The new devices ... Read More »

HTC’s sales were down 35% last year

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has released its annual financial report for the year 2015, revealing a sales drop of over 35%. The company’s last year’s revenue stood at NTD 121.68 billion ($3.65 billion), down from NTD 187.91 billion ($5.64 billion) in 2014. HTC saw its monthly revenue jump to a six-month high in the month of November, something that led ... Read More »