Survey: Almost half of African-American women have experienced hair loss

African-American women are prone to hair loss, and new data presented at the American Academy of Dermatology’s 74th Annual Meeting in Washington illustrates the scope of this problem, which often goes undiagnosed. Certain styling practices may increase the risk of hair loss in this population; women who are concerned about losing their hair should consider different styling practices and see ... Read More »

Facebook’s Zuckerberg meets with China’s propaganda chief

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a rare meeting with China’s propaganda chief, at a time when Chinese authorities are tightening control over their cyberspace. Liu Yunshan told Zuckerberg in their meeting Saturday that he hopes Facebook can share its experience with Chinese companies to help “Internet development better benefit the people of all countries,” China’s official Xinhua News ... Read More »

Hair forensics could yield false positives for cocaine use

Hair analysis has become standard practice for determining whether someone has abused illicit drugs. But some experts have questioned whether current methods to wash away external contaminants from samples might affect test results. Now one team confirms that for cocaine detection, a pretreatment step can cause the drug on the outside of a hair shaft to wash into it and ... Read More »

e results of the largest infectious disease study ever to be undertaken have revealed that 100 million people around the world are at risk of blindness from the infectious disease trachoma. Smartphones enabled organizers to ensure that data could be easily collected in even the most remote parts of the world and then subsequently transmitted for analysis. Image credit: Sightsavers/Tom ... Read More »

Vitamin C intake may help reduce the chance of cataracts

t foods rich in vitamin C, if you want to keep cataracts at bay. A study published in Ophthalmologysuggests that diet and lifestyle, rather than genetics, may have the most significant impact on cataract development, and vitamin C could cut the risk of the disorder by one third. Cataracts involve a clouding of the lens. Cataracts develop with age. Results ... Read More »

Burn More Fat by using Spin Bikes in Smarter Way

Spin bikes are an effective way to lose weight or even build up your cardiovascular stamina. The reason why people are moving towards the spin bikes are they can use them at their own pace and according to their own time schedule. Also a single hard work out on the spin bike can help you to burn about 500 calories ... Read More »

Certain form of baldness at age 45 linked to higher risk for aggressive prostate cancer

A new, large cohort analysis from the prospective Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial, indicates that men who had moderate baldness affecting both the front and the crown of their head at age 45 were at a 40% increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer (usually indicates a faster growing tumor resulting in poorer prognosis relative to ... Read More »

MasterCard to replace passwords with selfies

MasterCard customers will soon be able to replace their passwords with a “selfie” and a fingerprints to verify their identity and make payments online. The payment processing company confirmed the decision to introduce biometric checks this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Ann Cairns, head of international markets for MasterCard, told CNBC that biometric checks had been trialled ... Read More »

New structural features of human hair discovered

Electron Microscopy micrograph of human hair cross-section. The top region shows the external part of the hair — cuticle region; The bottom region shows the internal macrofibrils — cortex region. Credit: Fabiano Emmanuel Montoro/LNNano, CNPEM A new discovery about the structure of human hair is likely to change the way scientists and researchers, as well as the cosmetics industry, view ... Read More »

Land Rover may launch a coupe SUV next year

The luxury coupe SUV market is currently one of the new segments being targeted by manufacturers and it looks like everyone wants a slice of the pie. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are currently the major players here and are likely to be joined by Land Rover next year. The company is believed to be planning a new model that will have ... Read More »