Living a Great Lifestyle the Easy Way

How many of us have watched MTV Cribs and thought, “those people are so lucky”? Well, in reality, living it large like the superstars we see on TV isn’t as tough as we imagine it to be. In fact there are ways that can get us the fancy clothes, tech toys and even hotel rooms that are only seen on ... Read More »

Appraisals of Krill Oil by Consumers

Krill is a prawn like organism, which only consumes planktons, reddish in colour and available in colder climates of Canada, Greenland, Antarctica and Pacific coast. Most of the marine organisms like whale, shark, squid and penguins. Oil extracted from Krill is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and bear immense nutritional and health benefits. Krill oil in the form of ... Read More »

Work Hard, Play Harder

After a long day at the office, it is time to get home, kick off your shoes, and pick up the Nerf gun. If you are like most Americans today, you work harder than many people around the world and enjoy a lower quality of life than many people in developed countries, too. It is important to have some work/life ... Read More »

10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Electricity Bills

Saddening to learn that the resource we require the prime, is not as cheap as we assume it to be. The thing being mentioned about is ‘electricity’ – one resource which is vanished for a day, would result in a loss of millions. And due to our lackadaisical behaviors and manners, this necessary resource is being depleted every single day, ... Read More »

Choosing the Perfect Website

The perfect website will vary for everyone. You can have a variety of features to make sure that your business site is unique. It is necessary to have a site that stands out from others on the Internet. Give your customers a reason to shop with you by offering them quality services and a premium look. A web site design ... Read More »

Ancient Plant May Help Grow Food in Space: Study

A team of Australian scientists has discovered a gene in a “magical” plant that will open the door for space-based food production, especially during deeper human missions, including to Mars. Professor Peter Waterhouse, a plant geneticist at the Queensland University of Technology, discovered the gene in the ancient Australian native tobacco plant Nicotiana benthamiana — known as Pitjuri to indigenous ... Read More »

Massive Galaxy Cluster Spotted 8.5 Billion Light-Years Away

Astronomers have discovered a giant cluster of galaxies in a very remote part of the universe that is touted as the most massive structure yet found at such great distance. The galaxy cluster, located 8.5 billion light-years away, was spotted with Nasa’s Spitzer Space Telescope and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). Galaxy clusters are gravitationally bound groups of thousands of ... Read More »

Pay your bses Rajdhani bill very conveniently

Bses Rajdhani Power Ltd is a very vast connection of projects that are related to reliance power. It is same as the Bses Yamuna Power limited and it distributes electricity in various distant areas and localities across Southern Delhi and Western Delhi. Its customers benefit from adequate electricity in a very well defined manner. The good news for all these ... Read More »

Telcos Oppose Trai Proposal to Compensate Users for Call Drops

Telecom operators have opposed telecom regulator Trai’s proposal to compensate users for call drops even as consumers backed it strongly. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had earlier this month floated a consultation paper seeking public comments on a proposal suggesting service providers should compensate mobile subscribers for call drops and poor quality of services. This proposal of Trai ... Read More »

Indian IT Companies Not Taking Away US Jobs, Says Commerce Minister

Hailing the contribution of Indian IT companies to the American economy, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Monday said that it was a “myth” that these firms were taking away jobs from the US, saying they generate lakhs of jobs and pay billions of dollars in taxes. “Indian IT industry has definitely made a big contribution to the US economy,” Sitharaman told ... Read More »