Scientists Plan Risky Move to Get Rosetta Spacecraft Nearer Comet

    European scientists are planning a risky manoeuvre to get their Rosetta spacecraftcloser to the comet it is orbiting, so it can communicate with its robotic lander on the surface and start experiments that could unlock some of the universe’s secrets. The lander, called Philae, surprised scientists at the weekend by waking up and sending a signal to Earth. ... Read More »

Uber Ruling Fuels Debate Over Workers

In a ruling that fuels a long-simmering debate over some of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing technology companies and the work they are creating, the California Labor Commission said that a driver for the ride-hailing service Uber should be classified as an employee, not an independent contractor.The ruling ordered Uber to reimburse Barbara Ann Berwick $4,152.20 (roughly Rs. 2.6 lakhs) in expenses ... Read More »

UN raises alarm as global refugee population reaches 59.5 million

Syria overtook Afghanistan to become the world’s biggest source of refugees last year, while the number of people forced from their homes by conflicts worldwide rose to a record 59.5 million, the United Nations’ refugee agency said on Thursday. Pointing to crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Burundi and elsewhere, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said he doesn’t expect ... Read More »

Pope Francis encyclical calls for end to fossil fuels

The Pope has issued an encyclical, calling for fossil fuels to be “progressively replaced without delay”. Pope Francis urges the richer world to make changes in lifestyle and energy consumption to avert the unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem. Environmentalists hope the message will spur on nations ahead of the UN climate conference in Paris in December. But parts of the ... Read More »

Boko Haram crisis: Attack in Niger kills dozens

An attack by suspected Islamist Boko Haram fighters in Niger has killed at least 38 people, officials say. It took place late on Wednesday night, according to a security source quoted by the Reuters news agency. Local MP Bulu Mammadu told the BBC that the victims included women and children who had been shot dead in two different villages. Boko ... Read More »

Charleston church shooting: Police hunt suspected killer

Officials released CCTV images of a man they said was white, in his early 20s, and sat in on a bible study meeting for an hour before opening fire. Six women and three men were killed, including the church pastor and local state senator Clementa Pinckney. Federal authorities are to investigate the killings as a hate crime. The Justice Department ... Read More »

100 Beheadings, 6 Months: Why the Saudi Kingdom Is on an Execution Spree

The Saudi government executed its 99th and 100th convicts of the year on Monday. A dubious local court system already had convicted a Syrian with trafficking drugs and a Saudi of stabbing a fellow citizen. Wearing black bags over their heads, the convicts were publicly executed—each beheading delivered with the single swing of a long sword. Such executions have long ... Read More »

Woman’s Face Will Be On $10 Bill in 2020, Treasury Says

Will it be Susan B. Anthony or Harriet Tubman? Eleanor Roosevelt or Rosa Parks? Or another important woman from American history? These will be among the names the nation ponders after the Obama administration’s announcement late Wednesday that a woman will be featured on the $10 bill, the first time in well over a century that a female portrait will ... Read More »

These Are Documents Clinton’s State Dept. Didn’t Want You To Read

State Department officials cut out embarrassing passages of a report before publishing it during Hillary Clinton’s last days as secretary of state. Earlier drafts of the final document reveal details about the “undue influence” that is mentioned only briefly in the published version released to the public the month Clinton left office, February of 2013. [SOURCE- “”] Read More »

Trade Debate: Congress, stand up and defend your territory

Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution couldn’t be clearer.  “The Congress shall have power…to regulate commerce with foreign nations.” The Obama administration is attempting to seize that power from Congress.  Some lawmakers are willingly playing along because “free trade” promises nations a future wealth and prosperity. The pending Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, which is also known ... Read More »