Petr Cech interested in Arsenal move ahead of Chelsea talks

  Goalkeeper Petr Cech met with Chelsea officials on Monday to discuss his desire to leave the club.   Cech would like to join Arsenal, but the Premier League champions are reluctant to let him move there unless they receive a home-grown player as part of the deal.    PSG are also interested and Chelsea would prefer to sell to ... Read More »

Amnesty: Current Approach to Refugees Failing

  Rights group Amnesty International says the current approaches to dealing with the world’s refugee problems are failing and is calling for a shift in how refugee crises are addressed. In a report issued before World Refugee Day, Amnesty say the global refugee crisis is worsening. It is calling for a system that protects refugees and shares the burden among ... Read More »

Wrong-Again Turkish Current-Account Data Add to Investor Risks

As if Turkey’s inconclusive election result and decelerating economic growth weren’t bad enough, investors must now grapple with misleading official data. Almost every time the central bank has reported the current-account deficit in the past two years, it’s increased the figure in the following months. The corrections mean the shortfall that sent bonds rallying earlier this year was probably understated ... Read More »

Latest Economic Figures Show Worrying Trend In Exports, Current Account Deficit Stays Within Range

  Latest economic figures bring mixed news, but show that exporters are facing a tough time. First, the good news. India’s trade deficit narrowed to a three-month low in May, helped by lower oil prices. The trade deficit is now $10.4 billion, its lowest since February. And now the bad news: India’s exports are down for a sixth straight month, ... Read More »

Is low current account deficit good?

India’s current account deficit came in at a mere 0.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) for the March 2015 quarter. For 2014-15 as a whole, the current account deficit was a low 1.3% of GDP. But is this reduction in deficit really a good thing? From one point of view it is an unalloyed blessing, considering the free fall of ... Read More »

The new Zomato for healthcare is helping people figure their way out of the medical maze

The Indian healthcare segment has been growing steadily in the past decade. The introduction of technology-based services has helped increase transparency for people. It has also improved the consistency of available information. Mumbai-based PSTakeCare is one such healthcare initiative. It offers information on doctors and hospitals in the user’s vicinity and allows them to book appointments accordingly. The information available ... Read More »

How data can boost your ecommerce business

The Southeast Asia region is now witnessing a massive penetration of internet services. With over 648 million of citizens, 35% of increase in smartphone usage and up to 1.5% of e-commerce annual growth, online retailers, business start-ups and investors can start tapping into new market opportunities and finding ways to fulfilling the demand of the ever-increasing Asian online shoppers. On ... Read More »

Samsung Delays Releasing Galaxy S6 RAM Fix and Support for RAW Photography

It was earlier anticipated that Samsung will roll out much-awaited support for RAW photography with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop release. However, it turns out that Sammy isn’t going to shower any more affection to the very latest and popular Galaxy S6 duo. The Android 5.1.1 update that was rolled out for T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones didn’t include support ... Read More »

Cellphone Data Can Help Track Real-Time Unemployment Levels: Study

  Cellphone data can detect unemployment levels in real-time because people’s communications patterns change when they are not working, according to a new study co-authored by MIT researchers. Using a plant closing in Europe as the basis for their study, the researchers found that in the months following layoffs, the total number of calls made by laid-off individuals dropped by ... Read More »