China gave Donald Trump a win on trade and he didn’t even know it

China’s opening of banks and brokers to foreign control was the single most-important thing that happened while Donald Trump was in China. Photo: Reuters Danang, Vietnam: American and other securities firms scored what looks like a big win Friday when China announced new rules allowing them to own 51% stakes in joint ventures. It’s just the sort of market-opening move President ... Read More »

International Women’s Day Empowerment in World

Women strengthening in world can’t be considered as a uniform issue and treated with stereotyped measures. In various parts of the world the issues are extraordinary and thusly the necessities are likewise unique. We have to comprehend that International Women’s Day  strengthening isn’t proportional to a motorway where organization of stereotyped quick track projects will bring fast change. Making a ... Read More »

Things to do in Surat

Surat– Surat is the fast developing city and is located in the western part of the Gujarat state. It is a very beautiful city to visit and in case of the population, it ranks the 8thposition. This smart city is also famous for diamond cutting and polishing and fabrics as well. Because of this, the Portuguese and the Dutch launched ... Read More »

Destiny 2 developer video chronicles bringing the game to PC and its challenges

When Bungie decided to bring Destiny 2 to PC, the team knew it would be a big challenge according to this developer video. A mini-doc chronicling the development of Destiny 2 has been released featuring members of Bungie and Vicarious Visions. In it, various member of the development team discuss how it “focused on nailing the feel of gameplay,” on ... Read More »

Forensic Pathology Vs Forensic Anthropology

Pathology, opposed to forensic pathology, refers to a specialized field of medicine, which focuses on the study of diseases. This method of study is generally conducted through an autopsy. However, adding the word the forensics to the word pathology, changes the whole concept as it refers to a branch of pathology that deals with performing an autopsy on a corpse ... Read More »

Determining the Safety and Effectiveness of a Factory Setting

Industrial environments can be dangerous places in which to work. They can quickly become hotbeds for toxins like carbon monoxide and ammonia as well as tinder boxes ready to ignite if the temperature gets too high. As someone who may not be the most experienced with on-the-job safety, you may not know what conditions are brewing that could put your ... Read More »

sand casting foundry

Anyone who has a house understands that things will break from time to time. It can become quite costly to call a service technician every time something breaks. Electrical, plumbing, and landscaping are all areas prone to repairs in a household. As a result, it can be very expensive to hire someone from each of those industries to fix the ... Read More »

5 Design Tips that Will Increase User Engagement

When it comes to increasing user engagement, most website owners focus on the ad copy or the content of their page. However, a big part of having good user engagement metrics is dependent on the design. The user interface, overall user experience, navigation menu, layout, colors and fonts are all elements that need to be addressed. To give you a ... Read More »

Young woman reveals stunning body transformation after university ‘student lifestyle’ took its toll

Jessica Burr (left) put on weight as she began university, going out, eating junk food and making poor decisions(Image: Somerset Live WS) A young woman has revealed her stunning transformation after calling time on weight gain while living the student lifestyle. Jessica Burr, 22, had always been self-conscious about her weight. But living the student lifestyle during her first year at Southampton ... Read More »


  As we reported earlier today on Instagram, Cooper Webb will miss the MXGP of USA at WW Motocross Park due to an injured wrist sustained during today’s free practice session. Webb was near the top of the leader board early in the practice session, but toward the end he went down and had to have his bike pushed off the ... Read More »