13 ways to Build and Market your Brand on Instagram

Instagram has been out there for a few years now and it is proving to be a big networking and socializing platform. You probably use Instagram to only reach your friend and family as well as strangers. But did you know that Instagram could be what your business needs? The business size doesn’t actually matter. Marketers all over the world ... Read More »

Got the Right Stuff? Nasa Is Hiring Astronauts

Think you have the right stuff to be an astronaut? Nasa issued a hiring call on Wednesday for space explorers that may fly on future missions aboard commercially built spacecraft or Nasa’s deep-space Orion capsule. With the American spaceflight program grounded since 2011 when the space shuttle was retired, Nasa is looking to bolster its corps, which currently consists of ... Read More »

Robotic Lab Is Pride of Gurgaon Government School

In what is claimed to be a first in the country, a government school Gurgaon has been equipped with a robotic lab – with a smart class on the way – to go beyond the routine curriculum and spark the interest of generation next in the Make in India and Skill India initiatives. “With our Robo Siksha Kendra initiative, we ... Read More »

Sound Waves Can Be Used to Boost Data Transfer Rates: Study

If you are tired of watching that circle spinning in the centre of your computer screen while you wait for a programme to be loaded, try singing to your data, literally. Researchers from Universities of Sheffield and Leeds have shown that certain types of sound waves can move data quickly, using minimal power which can be the answer to faster ... Read More »

Red Dwarf Stars Giving Clues to Planet Formation

Australian astronomers have discovered disks of gas and dust around two relatively close red dwarf stars that could reveal clues about the formation of planets. A team from the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales detected the disks – which are about 380 million light years from Earth – by chance using a powerful telescope while ... Read More »

Astronomers Spot Mid-Size Black Hole

In a first, a team including an Indian-origin astronomer has found evidence for a new intermediate-mass black hole about 5,000 times the mass of the Sun. The discovery, made by Dheeraj Pasham from University of Maryland (UMD) and scientists from Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, adds one more candidate to the list of potential medium-sized black holes while strengthening the ... Read More »

Apple TV Universal Search to Be Open to Developers With Upcoming API

One of the key features of the new Apple TV is its universal search offering. Instead of fetching content from one source – or requiring users to open half a dozen apps manually and make the searches there – the Apple TV automatically taps iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and several other popular services to list down the availability of your ... Read More »

Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-Top Box With Wi-Fi Dongle Launched at Rs. 9,300

Direct broadcast satellite television provider Tata Sky on Wednesday launched a new Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box (STB) which will have recording ability and will come with a Wi-Fi dongle to enable consumers to enjoy recorded content on smartphones and tablets without consuming Internet data. “The new product (storage capacity of 500GB) which comes at a price of Rs. 9,300 ... Read More »

Soyuz Rocket With Three Astronauts Launches Towards ISS

A Soyuz spacecraft with three astronauts successfully launched towards the International Space Station on Wednesday, marking the 500th manned launch in space travel history. The trio including the first Danish citizen ever to fly into space blasted off in the Soyuz TMA 18M rocket on schedule at 0437 GMT from the same launchpad that Yuri Gagarin used for his historic ... Read More »

Hyderabad Police Bans Use of Drones Without Permission

In view of the intelligence alerts about the possible use of remote-controlled drones for terror attacks, police has banned their use in Cyberabad police commissionerate limits by any agency or individual without prior permission. Hyderabad Police Commissioner C. V. Anand on Tuesday issued orders, making it compulsory for event organisers, organisations and individuals to obtain prior police permission in writing ... Read More »