The new high fliers giving it all away

    Placing a cap on one’s pay is not normally the first act of an incoming chief executive, but that is exactly what Sacha Romanovitch has done. When the 46 year-old from Devon takes charge of accountancy firm Grant Thornton next month, she has limited her own wage and is implementing a scheme to split the firm’s profits between ... Read More »

Navigating Today’s Modern Communications Environment

      Someone sees a tweet from Emma Watson about International Women’s Day and clicks the link. Another person watches her speak at the UN on his or her phone. And a third person participates in an interactive chat with her on Facebook. These folks may not have realized it, but each was reached by the same PR campaign ... Read More »

China confirms testing advanced nuclear delivery vehicle

      The fourth successful test of hypersonic glide vehicle — which the US has dubbed the “Wu-14” — was carried out on Sunday. It was the People’s Liberation Army’s fourth test of the weapon in 18 months.   “The scheduled scientific research and experiments in our territory is normal, and those tests are not targeted at any country ... Read More »

The Latest In Sales: The On Demand…Sales Person?

    Today’s “sharing economy” is alive and well. Predictable ups and downs aside, companies like Airbnb and Uber remain controversially popular, and are influencing others to come up with similar (often unconventional) models. Sales as a service is but one recent example that utilizes knowledge collaboration differently, creating the role of the on demand sales person. Say what? Here’s ... Read More »

Google testing the waters in Cuba

      A Google executive is headed to Cuba this weekend to explore bringing better Internet access to the island, and the search giant has made a related proposal to the Cuban government, according to a State Department official. It’s the latest sign that U.S. tech companies are testing the seriousness of Cuba’s interest in opening up to outside ... Read More »

The Death of the Florescent Shop Light

    I’ve recently discovered the reasonably priced LED shop light. “Big whoop” you may be thinking. It’s a bigger whoop than many realize, especially for me. Just for the fun of it, I measured the current draw of one of my old shop lights and one of the new LED versions. The LED lights use 66% less energy. This ... Read More »

Ireland’s new cyber bodyguards

    It’s not a bad problem to have, concedes the 38-year-old Goulding. His business is the biggest indigenous company in the country’s fastest-growing sector: cyber security. It helps Irish, and more recently UK, companies protect themselves from malicious hacks by criminals, helping guard their customers’ data. Founded by three friends a decade ago in a residential basement, today Integrity ... Read More »

Samsung’s latest OLED can be a mirror, a window or a TV

    Drop everything you’re doing … unless what you’re doing is putting up a new 4K Ultra HD TV. Samsung today unveiled a line of transparent and mirrored OLED displays that it intends to sell to retail stores before bringing them into our living rooms one day down the road. The firm showed off these new panels at Retail ... Read More »

Bethesda pleases the raving crowd with Doom unveiling — releases in spring 2016

    Yes, Doom is back. And now we know a lot more about what kind of Doom it’s going to be. If you’re a fanatic for one of the most groundbreaking first-person shooter franchises in gaming history, you’re going to be salivating. Bethesda Softworks showed off a preview tonight of its latest Doom game in front of a crowd ... Read More »

Tech Time Warp: That Time UNIX Saved the Day in Jurassic Park

    THE VELOCIRAPTORS ARE closing in. The only chance the surviving humans at Jurassic Park have is Lex, an adolescent hacker who has to find way to reactivate the security system. And they’re in luck. “It’s a UNIX system!” she exclaims. “I know this!” Good thing it wasn’t a Windows NT system,amirite? Jurassic World world hit theaters today. For ... Read More »