The Technology and Science Behind Solar Energy Explained

  If you’ve ever played a real-time strategy kingdom building game, like Age of Empires or one of the first three Warcraft games, then you have experienced the feeling of limited resources. As you continue to use the resources of the earth for your building projects and social advancement, mines, quarries, and forests begin to run dry and you are ... Read More »

Role of Technology In Modern College Football

Technology plays a role in every facet of our lives, and the same is true for college football. Innovation in vastly different industries — like electronics or computing — inevitably spilled over into the realm of athletics as sports organizations look to exploit an edge just like any profit-seeking firm. Technology even serves as a force multiplier in sports, and ... Read More »

Trade-Ideas: Marvell Technology Group (MRVL) Is Today’s Post-Market Laggard Stock

    Trade-Ideas LLC identified Marvell Technology Group ( MRVL) as a post-market laggard candidate. In addition to specific proprietary factors, Trade-Ideas identified Marvell Technology Group as such a stock due to the following factors: MRVL has an average dollar-volume (as measured by average daily share volume multiplied by share price) of $68.6 million. MRVL is down 6.5% today from ... Read More »

Holograms add new dimension to Holocaust survivor’s story

    If you have a story you want future generations to hear, you can always write a memoir. But modern technology is on the verge of enabling a much richer experience: a holographic display that makes it appear as if you’re in the room with the viewer, and a life’s worth of stories available for the asking.That’s the promise ... Read More »

Spring clean your life with these apps, services

    Spring cleaning is a lot like New Year’s Resolutions — you make big plans and you mean well. But no matter how excited you get about your goals, somewhere between the snow melting and stocking up on sunscreen, you poop out. This year, there are some really cool, easy ways to tackle some of the toughest spring cleaning ... Read More »

Not Apple or Google: Why the future of wearable technology lies in academia

      For a glimpse of what is, what might have been and what may lie ahead in wearable devices, look beyond branded tech and Silicon Valley start-ups to the messy labs, dry papers and solemn conferences of academia. There you’d find that you might control your smartphone with your tongue, skin or brain; you won’t just ‘touch’ others ... Read More »

In The Dystopian Home Of The Future, Robots Have The Search Warrants

        Although this image was captured during police and armed forces exercises in Sweden, it contains a strong message about our common future. The machine is an explosive ordnance disposal robot-and it’s searching a mockup home. Equipped to search for homemade bombs using sensors and remote cameras, the robot can act on behalf of the authorities. There’s ... Read More »

New Algorithm Enables Control Over Swarms of Robots With Swipe of a Finger

  Researchers have created a robotic coverage algorithm that allows control over a fleet of robots with the swipe of a finger. Using a tablet and a red beam of light, Georgia Institute of Technology scientists have developed a system that can potentially control large teams of robots, which is relevant in manufacturing, agriculture and disaster areas. “It’s not possible ... Read More »

Nasa Launches 3D Space Container Challenge for Students

    Nasa is calling students in the age group from five to 19 to help the space agency design 3D containers that could be used in space. Nasa, along with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation, has launched a series of “Future Engineers” 3D Space Challenges for students focused on solving real-world space exploration problems. The 3D Space ... Read More »

Nvidia Grid Now Supports Full-HD 60FPS Video Game Streaming

      Nvidia’s Grid video game streaming service that launched late last year just added another feature in the form of full-HD (1080×1920 pixel) streaming at 60 frames per second. It’s the gold standard for most gamers on console and PC (though the latter can arguably do better). The move to 1080p and 60 frames per second makes it ... Read More »