Will technology wipe real estate professions off the map?

    The world of science and technology continues to revolutionize the world, and, along the way, legacy systems became obsolete. New technologies brought about a change in protocol. A change in the system brings in a chain of advantages and disadvantages that optimizes the organizational structure and affects lives as well. Call it a change for the better. One ... Read More »

Fuel Saving Technology Saving Fleets Big Money

    You can, and in a big way, according to a new study from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency(NACFE), a group that aims to double the efficiency of the continent’s trucking fleet. Its Annual Fleet Fuel Study of more than 53,000 tractors and 160,000 trailers, operated by 14 fleets, achieved fuel savings of U.S.$477 million in 2014 ... Read More »

Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH): Today’s Pre-Market Leader Stock

    Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation provides information technology (IT), consulting, and business process services worldwide. The company operates through four segments: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Retail/Logistics, and Other. CTSH has a PE ratio of 25.5. Currently there are 16 analysts that rate Cognizant Technology Solutions a buy, no analysts rate it a sell, and 2 rate it a hold. The ... Read More »

Opinion: Here’s my grand unifying theory of today’s tech trends

        As a technology-law blogger, I monitor emerging developments in information technology. What’s hot in IT today? Any short list would have to include social media, mobile, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and Big Data. That list is all over the map, right? So, what’s the connection between, say, social media and the IoT? ... Read More »

Breaking the entry barrier of enterprise Information Technology & Consulting Sector

      IT Consulting and Service industry earned $ 516 billion in 2010, with a compound annual growth rate (CARG) of 3.9 % from 2006 to 2010. Integration and development were the most lucrative segments in the industry catering 49.3% of its total value. Total revenue of $ 254.2 billion was earned from these two sectors. Enterprise Information Technology ... Read More »

The Mysterious Bands Crisscrossing Jupiter’s Moon Europa May Be Sea Salt

        The icy white surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa is streaked in yellow-brown, cracks made by the ocean below. These dark streaks hint at the chemical composition of the ocean, which is one of the top placesto search for alien life. Here’s encouraging news: The dark color may come from sea salt-the same stuff in our oceans. ... Read More »

No Evidence of Advanced Civilisations in 100,000 Galaxies, Say Scientists

    After searching 100,000 galaxies for signs of highly advanced extraterrestrial life, a team of scientists using observations from Nasa’s WISE orbiting observatory has found no evidence of advanced civilisations in them. The team also discovered some mysterious new phenomena in our own Milky Way galaxy. “The idea behind our research is that, if an entire galaxy had been ... Read More »

USAA creates research team to study use of bitcoin technology

        USAA, a San Antonio, Texas-based financial institution serving current and former members of the military, is studying the underlying technology behind the digital currency bitcoin to help make its operations more efficient, a company executive said. Alex Marquez, managing director of corporate development at USAA, said in an interview this week that the company and its ... Read More »

IBM’s Watson supercomputer strives to be jack of all trades

        The IBM supercomputer is becoming a jack of all trades for the US tech giant—including in its new role as a business consultant and analyst for various industries by using massive Internet databases. Watson, which gained fame in 2011 for defeating human opponents on the “Jeopardy” quiz show, has been reaching into its computing power since ... Read More »

Amazon drone patent has tracking, talking details

    How might those proposed delivery drones from Amazon operate? Details have been published by the US Patent Office. By pulling data from people’s smartphones, the drones may track the location of the delivery target. The patent, titled “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Delivery System,” discussed a scenario where a user could choose a “Bring It To Me” option, where the ... Read More »