CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz ‘adVANce’s to the future

CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz ‘adVANce’s to the future

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA is turning out to be the showcase of the electric future. This year, Mercedes has continued on its electric concept offensive in an attempt to infuse the latest developments in Internet of Things and related business technologies to their Vision Van that was unveiled in September 2016.

“The transportation of goods and people has always been vital to global economic development. With digitisation and the Internet of Things we are currently once again experiencing an industrial and economic revolution”, underlines Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “In an era of booming online commerce, the interplay of transport and digitisation plays a vital role. Intelligent connectivity makes new services possible, enhances convenience and flexibility for the end customer and boosts efficiency in delivery operations.”

The Vision Van would serve as an integrated concept for an automated process chain from the goods distribution depot to the consignee. It features a fully automated load compartment, integrated drones for autonomous air deliveries. The Vision Van is powered by a 75 kW electric drive system with a range of up to 270 km. The vehicle communicates with other road users via the Black Panel radiator grille with LED matrix and an LED display integrated in the rear end, which warns them when the vehicle is stopping, turning or releasing drones, for example.

With autonomous driving technology and advanced analytics coming together, the adVANce dream doesn’t seem too far. What it also means is the possible early arrival of the Vision Van.

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