How to change YouTube’s white background

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video-streaming service YouTube recently underwent a huge makeover. The revamp also saw change in the company’s logo. Another other additions, YouTube now also lets users turn change the colour of its background to black. However, so far this feature is available only on desktop.

YouTube is calling it the ‘Dark theme’, which not only makes the background Black, but removes the White colour from the sidebar as well. According to the compabny, activating dark theme cuts down on glare and takes in the true colours of the videos that the user is watching.

Here’s how one can turn this feature on:

* Open your browser and log in to YouTube with your account

* Click on your picture on the right side* Scroll down to find an option that reads ‘Dark Theme’

* Once you click on it you will see a toggle to activate the ‘Dark Theme’Users must note that this setting will apply for that particular browser only and will be enabled for any new window that you would open after that. But that will not be applicable to any windows on the incognito mode.

The testing for this feature started sometime in May this year. This was when Google announced that it’s working on a revamped layout for YouTube. The feature was then visible only in developer mode.

As part of the redesign, YouTube has also given a new look to its logo. The new YouTube logo consists of black text along with the red play icons. Moreover, the red colour in the logo is brighter as compared to the existing red colour. The design changes and new features are available on both iOS and Androidversions of the YouTube app. The app will now have a white background with the new YouTube logo placed on the left. The navigation tab is shifted to the bottom and the new design also comes with a separate Accounts and Library tabs. Users can now also slowdown or speedup the playback of any video. The feature was so far available in the desktop version only. It will be found under settings menu.