Cyware: Bring Cyber Updates to your Mobile

There is a saying that “Cybercriminals never sleep” and for a cyber security professional, it is no less than a nightmare to stay updated with the emerging threats. Cyber criminals constantly exploit the flaws to satisfy their criminal objective. On contrary, there lies another set of people who are in a misconception that cyber threats bothers only top-end professionals and popular organizations and common people have nothing to do with it. Hence, most of us are ignorant towards the basic cyber hygiene.

For a normal internet user, it is hard to catch the cyber world updates in real-time. In order to fill this gap, Cyware – a unique cyber security app is built to feed all the latest happenings of the cyber world in real-time. With this app, a normal user can convert his mobile device into a personal cyber security assistant that feeds him with the emerging threats and shares the security tips and advice to stay vigilant.

The Machine learning algorithm of the Cyware app scans every article published on the internet to present only the significant news published by the trusted sources. This app is designed with a sole objective to help a normal internet user to learn about the trends, technologies, breaches and frauds happening across the world. Besides, with the expertly curated content, a user can readily consume the news without much effort and stay up-to-date. A user can personalize his feed anytime to receive the news, set according to his or her interest. Above all, in order to receive the significant updates from Cyware in the mailbox, readers can subscribe to CyBuzz Daily, CyHacker Daily, and CyWeekly newsletters.

As the cyber threat landscape has become complex, there comes a need to implement state-of-the-art technology and educate employees to protect the network infrastructure from potential attacks as unaware employees and third-party vendors, due to their lack of knowledge provide an easy entrance to hackers into organizational networks and servers. Cyware – Powered by IBM Watson technology helps employees to identify different cyber threats in a dynamic fashion and prevent data breaches. Understanding the ever growing threat elements is highly essential to mitigate cyber risk and improve organizational security posture. Cyware provides its users with actionable intelligence and information that helps them to protect the sensitive information and take suitable steps to nip the threat in the bud before it takes a dangerous form.

The key to build a protective shield that prevents cyber attacks is cyber awareness and awareness is not a one time job. Unlike training which happens once in a while, awareness is something which demands the user’s attention every day. Cyware is built with the same objective – to assist the users about the emerging threats and prepare them to protect themselves from a faceless enemy.