Data Recovery Software Keep Your Data Safe

Data Recovery is the way  toward rescuing blocked off information from the corrupted or damaged storage, removable media or documents when the information they store can’t be gotten to in a normal way.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, totally is safe and compelling hard drive data recovery programming, that gives dependable information recovery answer for a wide range of data loss situations. It empowers you to recover boundless sorts of documents from PC/portable PC, hard drive, lost or raw partition, USB drive, memory card, camera, music player or other stockpiling gadgets because of erasing, partition loss, formatting, partition detachment, virus assault or other obscure reasons. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most protected and powerful data recovery softwares. This product not just permits you to recuperate the data from your framework drives, additionally it can recover the incidentally erased information from numerous storage gadgets/disks which add quality to the product. The EaseUS group has characterized the recovery procedure for three unique situations which are (Deleted File Recovery, unformat and Raw Recovery, Partition Recovery) and they have composed the product to recover the information in any of these circumstances.

Here are point by point steps how you can utilize EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Step 1: Launch the Program and Start Scanning

To begin with, download the program and install it properly on your PC (DO NOT install it on the plate where you lost your information, generally those lost documents and information will be overwritten. At that point continue by following this directions;

  1. Select Types of Lost Data

At the point when launching this program, first to be seen is the file type select page. All the normal record file are ordered into 6 unique classes in this page, including Graphic, Video, Document, graphics, Email and Other. Every one of the classifications are checked in default. To pick just the particular sorts of the records you need to recover will have to you see the quick scan.

  1. Select a Location to Start Finding Data

Please select a location to start finding data, similar to Desktop, Windows Libraries, Hard Disk Drives, Lost Hard Disk Drives (This alternative is appropriate for the circumstance of an data loss brought about by erasing an partition, re-partition and losing a partition. The system will read the partition table and rundown all the erased partition information under it.)

Step 2: Scan Your Computer or Device

In the upper part of the system is the process bar showing the status of the recovery. By the bar there are a Pause and Stop button. The Pause button permits you to briefly stop the scan and resume it later. Under the process bar is the evaluated remaining time and a scan statue shows the procedure in rate.

In fact the primary first sweep will be speedy. The program will first rundown every one of the documents that are basically erased or cleaned from the recycle bin. A pop up window will remind you to utilize Deep Scan for a further recuperation at first after you get the main output result. Utilize Deep Scan under the accompanying two circumstances:

  1. You can’t discover the records you require from the principal filter.
  1. The recovered documents can’t be effectively open.

By clicking Deep Scan at the left base, the program will play out another sector by sector scan, which will take longer than the primary first scan. Be patient and don’t intrude it amidst the procedure if not necessary.

Step 3: Preview and Recover the Files

The output result interface is separated into 3 sections. At the left is the Directory Tree list, which offers you 3 strategies ( by Path, sorts and Time) to rapidly filter the files. The window in the middle shows every one of the documents and files under the folder selected in the left window with more data (date and sort). The window at the right side displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window. It provides a Preview option to preview some specific file types in the program.

After the preview or search, you can select the targeted files and press Recover button to recover and save them on your computer or storage device (Please DO NOT save the files into the drive or device where you lost the data). Moreover, you can export the scan results by clicking Export Scan Status, and you can Import the scan results to perform another recovery without scanning again at any time by clicking Import Scan Status.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the most powerful Windows data recovery software that allows to easily and quickly recover lost data from PC, laptop, server, digital device and storage media.