Digital week: Undestanding the virtual world of education

To deal with the queries comprising engineering and science, a project named ‘Ask a Question’ was launched as a part of the ‘Digital India Initiative’ that began at IIT Bombay on Thursday. Respected professors of the institute were responsible to handle the question and answer session.

According to the members of the project, the activity that started more than four years back is gone for sharing the ability of IIT Bombay employees and offer high-level  engineering education in India.On the day of its launch,  the foundation showcased undertakings for digitisation in training. The National Mission on Education through ICT, Ministry of Human Resource Development, has supported many of the projects.

As per Indian Express, IIT Bombay professor Kannan M Mougdalya said, “There should be affordable devices that can be used to access this content. Various projects displayed meet all these requirements,”. He further explained the need to generate content, make it available and ensuring it reaches to the audience.
The concept of “Virtual Lab” was one of the parts of the project, which aims to provide remote access to laboratories through an online medium. Another major sub-project was  “train 1000 teachers” through which teachers are trained via live transmission and interactive video-chats. The point is to enhance the abilities of staff in core engineering and science subjects. The substance of the workshops is discharged on an ‘open source’ stage from where it can be seen and downloaded unreservedly.

People are categorized as ‘second’ class citizens, who lack the access to the various digital resources, and this gap needs to be bridged, said Mougdalya. The effects of projects like ‘spoken tutorials’ and open web-based software for education provides a base to access online courses and takes care of user’s preferred language.