Disarray in joint seat distribution was normal, say IITs

Disarray in joint seat distribution

While Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) neglected to meet the third due date for discharging their JEE (Main) positions on June 30, the Joint Seat Allocation Authority for 85 specialised institutes, including IITs and NITs, is being compelled to change the confirmation plan for the third time. IITs claim this disarray was normal right from the earliest starting point and that they had informed the concerned MHRD authorities about the conceivable pitfalls and made their reservations known before the judiciary.

In the present situation, these chief building colleges are planned to begin classes by the most recent week of July and the organizations trust that date, as well, is not pushed back.

A director from one of the IIT’s said the problem is not new and was known to all from the beginning. “Most of us had reservations about the system. In a combined process, we need to consider multiple systems. And if one system (JEE-Main) takes into account Class 12 scores, the dependency is on multiple agencies.

Even if one board fails to deliver on time, which has happened this time, the whole process is jeopardised,” he said, as quoted by TOI.

Another IIT professor said though the process is carried through with good intentions, several practical issues are also involved. “Dependency on multiple agencies affects the IITs’ academic schedule, too. If the problems are not sorted out, the issue may arise every year,” said the professor.