Ease of Use is the Best Characteristic of a Good Website Builder

To survive in this competitive era everyone is pressurized to adapt technology and stay ahead. However, while doing this, it is necessary to evaluate business needs first. Depending on business objectives, background and resources, investing in a comprehensive kit may prove useless and overwhelming, while minimum approach is exactly what is needed.

Therefore, define your needs and then fill them specifically in an efficient manner. Let’s analyze and compare website builder and web hosting provider.


Technically both deliver same services via web servers designed to create web pages. The main difference is the way in service delivery as well as real-time experience for end user.

A web hosting provider supplies a solid product suite ranging from virtual and dedicated hosting servers, latest mobile app, high bandwidth support, and, scalability. It is perfect for large corporation but a blogger, marketer or a designer may not need such potent set of features.

Website builder vs. hosting provider

Website builders are designed with an average user in mind and are maintained consistently for user-friendliness. Ease-of-use is the hallmark, which is proven that website can be designed in less than an hour with an ideal website builder. For example, the interface of EZ Site Builders offers end users drag & drop canvas, which allows them to concentrate on creating an inspired website design.

User does not need to go through brainstorming sessions for selecting an appropriate technology & programming language suitable to create a website. In a website builder, everything comes in-built and user just has to select a domain name. Moreover, determine branding and payment solutions.

A hosting provider is responsible to deliver performing servers and maintenance. However, website creation needs to be handled by the user. Building a website needs to be planned in advance because you will need to confirm if the potential provider support the applied programming language and technology.

In addition, user will need to deal with site backups, uploads, as well as site testing. Not to forget be responsible for site failure due to code errors and many such technicalities.

Who is the Leader?

Website builder really wins because workflow is streamlined. It is designed for non-coders to launch a professional and functional website. Even though hosting providers cater rich tools for creating website, you are mostly on your own. Alternatively, website builders include free customizable themes and needs no knowledge of coding. You just need to select a relevant design and hit launch button.

After launching a functional website, it is time to promote your business online. There are plenty of tasks planned for attaining online visibility like PPC, social media, content marketing, email marketing, blogging, retargeting, SEO and more. You can take help from SocialBoosterz.co to enhance your online visibility through link building.

Significance of link building

Enhance search visibility

Links are a vital part on Google’s search algorithm. According to Cutts, link building is not intrinsically bad but must be pursued only after creating something of value. When relevant links directed towards useful and valuable content are built then everybody wins.

Increases brand exposure & builds relationships

Organic links built from relevant sites are vote of confidence. People trust links naturally, especially if the sites on other end hold valuable information.

Best links are equally favorable to the audience, and website linking out. Thus, link builders help to create and propel new relationships.