FIFA U-17 World Cup: WB students will get 5000 free passes for each match

FIFA U-17 World Cup

India is eagerly waiting to hold the FIFA U-17 World Cup at Kolkata’s Salt Lake Stadium from October 8, and for the students of the state, the West Bengal government is doing its best to make it an event to remember.

A senior official from the WB Education department stated that they are making arrangements to provide the school and college students of Bengal with 5000 free passes for each match of the U-17 World Cup. This includes all the 10 matches of the championship, including the final.

“Free passes will be provided to students of different schools and colleges of the state to watch the U-17 World Cup matches scheduled at the Salt Lake Stadium from October 8. Each day, around 5,000 students will be given the free passes to watch the match,” the official told PTI.

“School authorities will be shortlisting the names of the students which will be forwarded to the education department,” the officer told PTI. Notice regarding this matter has already been circulated in the schools and colleges.

Can every WB student get a free pass to the FIFA U-17 World Cup? Here are the details:

  • Every student of Bengal cannot avail one of the 5000 free passes to the FIFA U-17 World Cup. Only those students who are involved in football, soccer or other sports will be offered the free passes
  • There are 5000 passes to be given to students daily, of which college students and school students will receive 2000 each, while polytechnic colleges and madarsas will receive 500 each
  • The event supervisors-the West Bengal Sports Council — will also be forwarding lists of those students who have excelled in sports
  • For those holding the free student passes, a separate seating area has been earmarked in the Salt lake Stadium
  • The government has also made arrangements for free fooding and lodging for the students coming to watch the FIFA U-17 World Cup from the districts and cannot return home on the same day
  • 70 AC and non-AC buses have been asked from the transport department by the education department for ferrying students to and from the Salt Lake Stadium

‘Watching them will help in shaping our students who dream to be footballers’

“With such a big sporting event happening in the city, we must help our students to watch the high-class foreign footballers play the game. Watching them will help in shaping our students who dream to be footballers. We are sure that the students will get immense inspiration watching such a tournament from the front,” the official said.