How to find hidden treasure in Dragon Quest IX

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Role playing games are also among the games which are loved by millions globally. In these games, the player gets to control a character and make it perform the tasks required. It also include storytelling and narrative in the game. These games also use the same terminologies as other games. The main idea behind role playing game is that the player has the task of saving the world or the society of which he is a part. There are always twists and turns to the game and some unpredictable tasks also arise when the player is least expecting them.

Dragon Quest IX is one of those games which is following the role playing method of games. It was developed for Nintendo DS. The game was developed by Level-5 and was published in 2009 by Square Enix Japan. The game also introduced local multiplayer functionality to the series since there was a problem with the Wi-Fi system of the Nintendo. The game was first released for a small console. After its release it was the first game to achieve a record breaking sale in the Japan. The game also has an anonymous communication mode which registered the game in the Guinness World Record. The game gained popularity within and outside of Japan. It has a Famitsu score of 40, on Metacritic it reached 87 and on GameRankings it gained a score of 88%.

The game has the traditional combat as the games which came before it. However, this is considered hardest among all. It allows up to four players to get a wireless multiplayer experience but it doesn’t allow multiplayer on the Nintendo Wi-Fi. Multiplayer game will require each player for each player. The game has only one save slot whereas mostly have at least three slots.

During the Dragon Quest adventure, you will come across several special maps. These are marked with an X. if you select the map from the tool menu, it will appear on the top and will allow you to search for the exact location in there. Each map dungeon is different from the other one. It has different number of floors and different monsters. The game automatically maps your progress so you need not to be worried about getting lost in the map. In these dungeons, there is a boss monster and the task is to defeat it to won a reward, precious treasures and more advanced maps.

There are several maps available in the Dragon Quest IX Treasure Map Locations. These maps can direct a player directly to the place where there is hidden treasure in the ground. Since it’s a free and large world where the players is looking into the map, the chances of finding the treasure are also high. If a player has access to these maps, it becomes easy for them to look for the treasure within the game.Not only the treasure, but these dungeons also have enemies which will try to kill the player to stop their search for the treasure.