Five custom Royal Enfield motorcycles from EIMOR

Royal Enfield modifications are quite expansive in India. Almost every city have a number of customising house that deal with Royal Enfield motorcycles. One such custom house from Hyderabad, Telangana has been making beautiful customised bikes based on Royal Enfields. Here are top five such modified bikes.

Quick Silver

Here is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird-based custom that looks quite good. The Thunderbird is known for its ability to munch highway miles and the idea behind this is to make something that is not very flashy. The customised model gets much fatter front and rear tyres with a 110 and 130 section, respectively. The rear mudguard has been modified to accommodate the fatter wheel.

The front gets a dual headlamp set-up similar to the Triumph Thunderbird. It also gets handlebar end indicators, auxiliary lamps and a LED strip on the tail lamp to give it a very modern look. The tank has been painted in metal flakes with hand-painted pinstripes.

Mr Oliver

The bike gets its name from the custom paint scheme. Mr Oliver is based on a Royal Enfield Classic 350 but it looks nothing like the donor bike now. It gets a wider 15-litre fuel tank and a new straight cafe-racer inspired seat with diamond stitching. The wheels have been upgraded to new 80-spoke wheels and the bike also gets custom mudguard and fittings. There is also a new cowl on the headlamp. The custom option has been made to improve the ride quality of the bike.


The Gunmaster is based on the Royal Enfield Bullet G2. It has been restored completely and the bike gets a new gearbox too. It has been given minimal equipment to keep the weight to a minimum and improve performance. It gets a new tank, new fender and a headlamp. The bike also gets a lot of chrome parts to retain the G2’s vintage looks. The metallic green paint just adds a beautiful finish to the Gunmaster.


The name comes from the green chariot of Lord Krishna’s elder brother. This Royal Enfield Classic has been modified to look like an Indian Chieftain. The overall length of the motorcycle is now 4 inches longer than the stock form. There is a new exhaust, instrument cluster and a chromed leg guard. The seat height has been lowered now and custom fenders on both the wheel complete the look of the bike.


Lee is a restored Royal Enfield Continental GT. The bike has been given a complete overhaul that makes it look extremely attractive. The bike gets a lot of customisations like a new headlamp, indicators, tail lamps, crash bar and a modified exhaust. The headlamp and tail lamp have been given LED treatment to add a modern touch to the bike. All the parts except the fuel tank have been painted black.

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