Getting a Job Is Easy with BSc IT

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Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) is an undergraduate course primarily aimed at students passionate in computer science. Even though it is a degree course, the demand for BSc graduates is high, particularly in the IT field.

The IT field has undergone a major metamorphosis in the recent years, especially with the recent arrival of Digital India and Tech Startup Culture. Companies are looking for graduate IT professionals with adequate skills, and this undergraduate course increases your chances of getting a job with an above-average salary by a large margin.

Why Distance BSc (IT)?

Apart from being one of the most in-demand courses right now, BSc (IT) also has the added advantage that distance-learning courses are available. Online BSc courses have been made accessible at various Open Universities all around the country, considering the needs of those with careers. BSc Distance-Education Courses let you study for the undergraduate degree without having to compromise on your on-going career.Admissions at Open Universities are easy to obtain, and the study materials are sent to the student via post or available online. During an online BSc course, the student does not have to attend college on a full-time basis; the only mandatory on-site activity is the examinations. Depending upon the university, student-support cells are provided for any query or academic problem the student might have. Summarising, BSc distance-education courses at Open Universities let you switch over to a career in IT, without having to attend college full-time.

Scope of BSc (IT)

BSc (IT) is a job-oriented course, meant to cater to the ever-changing needs of the IT industry. This has resulted in rise in the demand for skilled BSc graduates amongst major MNCs and IT companies. Most companies have now started to prefer degreeholders over their engineering counterparts, citing that both sets of workers are equally capable of carrying out the same tasks and work. Add that to the advantage of BSc being shorter by a year, BSc clearly has the upper hand over the corresponding Software Engineering degree.

The IT field is undergoing a phase of healthy growth, so BSc holders can easily get a job with a decent salary right out of college. Typical posts for a fresher include IT Engineer, Associate Engineer, Systems Manager, and Software Developer. The telecom industry is also a major recruiter, along with the new start-up companies formed each day. Using the skills they learned during the course, students can also opt to freelance or start their own venture in the field. Higher studies are another option, with the options being MSc (IT), MBA, or even an MS course abroad.

The demand for skilled graduates is as high as it has ever been, particularly amongst IT companies and major MNCs. In the present scenario, opting for an online BSc course at an Open University is the right path for any student passionate about computers.