Here’s Why Any Trip to Rajasthan is Incomplete Without Visiting Jodhpur

Rajasthan is the quintessential, northwestern Indian state, that can mesmerize an avid traveler with its colorful royal past, rich heritage, splendid cuisine, breathtaking architecture and much more.

My Must Visit Cityis JODHPUR – let us tell you Why?

Jodhpur is also known as the Sun City & The Blue City since it has blue color houses. Many famous people like ICICI Banking boss Chanda Kochhar, singer Ila Arun, actress Chitrangada Singh, Congress Party politician Abhishek Sanghvi hail from Jodhpur.While Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur is the present king, Imposing Forts, Cannons, artillery that remind you of the bygone imperial era. Erstwhile, palaces that are now converted into Hotels give public a chance to breathe in the grandeur & the glory. Just ride in an ornate horse-drawn carriage & feel like a king!

What All Can you do in Jodhpur

  • Day Trip & Excursions include
  1. A trip to the sacred Hindu city of Pushkar.
  2. Enjoy the 8-hour tour to Osian for Thar Desert camel ride
  3. Private guided tour of historical Jodhpur
  • History, Art
  1. Umaid Heritage Art School
  2. ArnaJharna: The Desert Museum
  • For the Foodie Traveler

Gorge on world famous Cuisine & satiate your tastebuds.Top items from the Cuisine include.

  1. GattekiSabzi
  2. Ker SangriSabzi 
  3. Gulab Jamun kiSabzi
  4. Lasan Ki Chutney
  5. DaalBatiChurma
  6. Sweets include Ghevar,Mavakachori,Besan Barfi.

Disclaimer: The list is, not exhaustive. Keep exploring!

  • Natural attractions
  1. Home to hundreds of migratory birds.
  2. The Great Indian Thar Dessert.
  • Special Events
  1. MarwarFestival, held in September or early October (Hindu month of Ashwin). This incorporates folk music, dancing, CamelShows, PuppetShows, Magic Shows,Horse Polo, at exquisite venues like Mehrangarh Fort,Umaid Bhawan Palace. This is when memories of Local Heroes are celebrated.
  2. Jodhpur RIFF -Jodhpur Rajasthan International Folk Festival held in October where music artists from Yemen, Scotland,Australia come together. Ittakes place at Mehrangarh
  3. World Sufi Spirit Festival.
  • Folk Dance, Music of Jodhpur
  1. Poems from Saints like Mira,Kabir.
  2. Local instruments like Algoza and Baara
  3. Chart Dance is a special, local dance form where men & women dance with lamps &Pots on their head.
  4. Ghoomar Dance where womandance in rotating motions in long skirts called Ghagra.
  5. The Gair of Jodhpur-A Martial Arts Dance form by males, in which swords are also used.
  6. Tribal Dance of Jodhpur
  • Other Amenities
  1. Good intercity Connectivity in terms of Comfortable private, air-conditioned chauffeur-drivenvehicles.
  2. Expert Travel Guides & private guided historical tours.
  3. Travel biggies like Yatra list about 432 Hotels in Jodhpur.
  4. Hub of Buzzing Shopping Centers, full of Traditional Markets, Bazaars, and Malls.

We are sure, by now you must be convinced that Jodhpur is the city where you can make best memories of Rajasthan’s culture & traditions.So, what are you waiting for? Just logon to the website of any of the top travel giants like Yatra to give your trip a kickstart. You can easily book SpiceJet flight tickets online for a hassle-free traveling experience.