HiiDii Glasses take a hands-off approach to computer use

HiiDii Glasses are presently on Kickstarter

For people who are physically challenged, or who just have their hands full, utilizing a computer can be challenging. And while there are assistive systems that are mounted on the computer itself, HiiDii Glasses instead utilizes something that the user might be wearing anyway – their specs.

Developed by tech startup GWD Bio Intelligence, HiiDii Glasses can be equipped with either prescription or non-prescription lenses. Gyroscopic sensors in the right ear-hook detect the user’s head movements, while a nose-pad sensor detects the skin-twitches that accompany the blinking of their eyes.

Although the system reportedly ignores users’ natural blinks, an extended blink is registered as the equivalent of a cursor click on a Bluetooth-connected computer’s screen. Blinking twice serves as a double-click, and quickly blinking twice activates a Hold function, selecting an onscreen item to be dragged – the direction and extent of that drag is then dictated by a tilting of the head. Another single blink subsequently releases the item.

HiiDii Glasses work up to a distance of 30 ft (10 m)

HiiDii Glasses work up to a distance of 30 ft (10 m)
GWD Bio Intelligence

The glasses are claimed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac computers/laptops, along with Android tablets and smartphones. One 1-hour USB charge of their lithium-polymer battery should reportedly be good for up to 10 hours of use.

Should you be interested, they’re currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$69 will get you a pair – when and if they reach production – with the planned retail price sitting at $189.