JEE Advanced JAC likely to introduce written exam 2017 onwards

JEE Advanced

The IIT Joint Admission Committee (JAC) is likely to introduce a written section in the Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE Advanced) in 2017. This written segment will be conducted after the JEE Main and JEE Advanced papers.

This new segment has been proposed in order to curtail the guess work by students and test their actual capabilities and knowledge about the subject. This would require overhauling the existing examination system, however, the JAC supports it as it will help improve the quality of students who clear the exam. Introduction of this third segment will make clearing the exam even more difficult for the candidates.

The committee seeks to introduce the written test as in the multiple-choice question (MCQ) based exams the candidates use guess-work rather than applying their own minds for at least 10 to 15 percent of the questions.

Though MCQs evaluate the candidates’ comprehension, analysis and application aptitude, the authorities wish to reduce the occurrence of students using the method of elimination for answering the questions, and make them utilise their understanding of concepts and the ability to develop ideas based on their knowledge.

The candidates appearing for JEE Advanced will have to take the written exam as well. However, their answer sheets will be eligible for checking only if they clear the JEE Advanced MCQ test. The examination authority is also looking to create machine-readable answer scripts, so that the checking method is efficient and less time consuming.

This year a total of 1,24,741 candidates registered for the exam, out of which 1,27,238 appeared for the exam. And 26,456 candidates managed to qualify JEE Advanced.