JEE Main 2019 Preparation: Droppers Get Ready to Ace the Exam

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JEE Mains being the crucial most entrance examination in the country to gain admission into the IITs, NITs and other top-rung Indian engineering colleges, aspirants hardly ever leave any stone unturned to qualify the same with flying colors. Failure in achieving this dream of pursuing engineering education at the premier engineering institutes in the first attempt due to unsatisfactory JEE Main Result often drive students to drop an academic year in preparation for the entrance test. With JEE Mains being scheduled to be held twice a year from 2019 onwards and 6 attempts at the entrance test are allowed for each student, candidates who have completed their 12th board examination in 2017 and 2018, as well as 2019 appearing candidates, are eligible to appear for the entrance.

Evidently, candidates who completed their 12th board exams in 2017 and 2018 and are planning to appear for JEE Main 2019, have dropped 2 – 1 academic year to prepare for the entrance test. The best part of dropping a couple of academic year in preparation for JEE Main is that unlike students who are appearing for their board examination in the same year as their attempt at JEE Main, they do not have to worry about toggling between Boards and Entrance tests and can concentrate purely in scoring well in JEE Mains Results. However, while on one hand the headache of preparing for both Boards and JEE Main is not there for Droppers, on the other hand, the pressure of losing a whole academic year and the memory of poor JEE Main Result in the previous attempt is pretty much mind-numbing.

In this article, we try to chart a study plan for such candidates who have taken the risk of dropping an academic year for JEE Main preparation and provide them with pointers that assist in securing top position in the upcoming JEE Main Results.

With roughly 3 months left to go for the 1st round of JEE Main 2019 to kick-off in January, almost all droppers targeting the same have finished with the majority of their preparations. It is now time to revise and streamline your preparation so that you can ace the test with ease. Students will have to cover:

Mathematics 16 chapters
Physics 20 chapters
Chemistry (Organic and Inorganic) 28 chapters

The preparation plan of action includes first and foremost revision of concepts, followed by solving a multitude of previous years’ question papers and attempting as many as mock tests as possible to fine-tune your practice sessions.

Strategize your preparation                                                                  

Do prepare a proper schedule with an exact plan to cover a specific number of topics in a given time frame and strictly adhere to this schedule. If you can honestly put in 8 hours of your day into your preparation without any distraction, then do not bother to fake another two hours of mugging up. At the end of the day, honest hard work will only get you your desired position in JEE Main Results.

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

A dropper candidate is assumed to have a fair understanding of own strengths and weaknesses in terms of JEE Main syllabus. As such, with already a whole academic year at stake, students would definitely do well to strategize and play to their strengths while trying to correct their weaknesses with repeated revision and practice.

Time Management

For any entrance test, it is of utmost importance that candidates learn to manage their time well because in the actual test they will have to answer a given set of questions in a limited time frame. Here comes the importance of adhering to a set schedule as well as practicing problem-solving in a time-bound manner.

Importance of Coaching

Investing in a JEE Main coaching program that offers ample amount of test series, mock tests, daily practice papers, and previous year papers for your practice along with easily accessible doubt clearing sessions is a very good idea for the fool-proof preparation.

An interesting tip for the new avatar JEE Main is to opt for online/digitized coaching which would undeniably groom you for the fully-computerized format of the exam through online tests.

Health is Wealth

While a life-changing examination like the JEE Main deserves your undivided attention and demands relentless and rigorous practice, it is not advisable to either physically or mentally stress yourself to perform. Do keep in mind that a healthy body and peaceful mind is essential for a star performance.

Short breaks in between study sessions, daily physical activity, nutritious diet, and adequate sleep are extremely necessary to keep you at the top of your game. In the pursuit of a top position in JEE Main Results, do not ignore the short breaks between study sessions as these will help release the pressure of prep that builds in your mind affecting your retention thus preparation.

Assuming that you appeared for JEE Main once but failed to qualify, it is very important that you learn your lesson from whatever reason that leads to your failure and move on to prepare further on a positive note. If you let your failure cloud your mind, then the same cloud will be the reason behind your next failure.