How Kangaroo Feeding Pumps Help Prevent Dehydration

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Kangaroo feeding pumps are created to provide an answer to dehydration and nutrition. These solutions are highly innovative and one of a kind. For instance, they are the only manufacturer who have created a feed and flushing pump that can truly be programmed. Similarly, their Salem Sump systems, which offers medicating, irrigating, suctioning, and feeding, is completely unique. The company is even the first in the world to have created a system that includes fully engineered controls, as well as a range of visual indicators. Put together, these help to prevent misconnections as much as possible.

About the Kangaroo Feeding Pumps

Very simply put, the portfolio of Kangaroo feeding pumps is designed to ensure healthcare professionals are able to offer a safe and complete solution for small bore feeding tubes, enteral feeding sets and pumps, placement confirmation devices, large bore decompression tubes, long term PEG replacement devices, and pediatric feeding systems.

There are a number of key features that Kangaroo stands for. Those are:

  1. Being safe across the board. Kangaroo has existed for more than 30 years, and they have always been committed to innovation and safety in the development of their nutritional products. Their latest range is a full safety solution that comes with visual indicators and engineered controls so that healthcare professionals are less likely to have a tubing misconnection. Their latest devices are truly world class solutions that can be used by any and all patient population. The feeding tube ports on the Kangaroo enteral feeding solutions have been created to be 100% incompatible with IV connections and luer lock connections. This means that it is almost impossible to accidentally infuse or misconnect. Different stepped connectors have been added that simply do not connect to IVs or luer locks. Furthermore, they are created in purple, so that they give an instant visual reminder of being a nutritional port.
  2. Being innovative in all their solutions. Kangaroo stands for innovation. This is why their latest feeding pump has full and true flush and feeding solutions. They have also developed the Salem Sump, which is a trademarked device that enables medicating, integrating, suctioning, and feeding. Furthermore, the company is the very first in the world that ensures misconnections are no longer possible thanks to the visual indicators and engineered controls mentioned above. Whenever Kangaroo develops something, it is hard to imagine that anything could possibly be better, but every new product release seems to blow other ones out of the water, and other manufacturers simply cannot keep up.

Offering complete solutions. Kangaroo is committed to making sure health facilities, or in home care solutions, are offered complete options when it comes to enteral feeding, not in the least because that is much safer. Hence, they offer all the elements required for enteral feeding, regardless of the population group. No other manufacturer currently creates anything that has solutions for anybody, from pediatric care to elderly and gerontology care. It really is a unique company.