Kolkata house of horror: Police, representatives from Mother House question Partho De

Kolkata: Senior Kolkata Police officers along with Mother House representatives on Wednesday spoke to Partho De in connection with the probe into the mystery surrounding the house on Robinson Street.

Police officers and representatives from the headquarter of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity went to Pavlov Mental Hospital this morning and questioned Partho, who spent the past six months with skeletons in his house, for around two hours.

Sources in the Kolkata Police said that around 25 questions were asked to Partho and that he “cooperated” with the interviewers for the entire session.

“The questioning of Partho is to establish the missing links in the case. He cooperated during the entire questioning session. He answered to several questions put forth, but also skipped a few,” they said.

Partho, the sole living member of the De household, was asked questions related to the death of his sister Debjani De, with whose skeleton he had been living for the past six months, sources said.

“He (Partho) said that Debjani was trying to gain knowledge of the spiritual world and in the process was also trying to bring him and their father (Arabindo) under her control,” a senior police officer probing the case said.

The Pavlov authorities yesterday had denied permission to the police to question Partho, citing his mental and physical unfitness.